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Marshall Commands


Region Lord Commands

  • Return lordship...-hand back your region
    • You must also give a reason for your decision.
    • Stepping down will cost you 1 points of prestige and 1 points of honour, no matter the reason.
    • Stepping down just to give a position to someone else, be he the former holder of it or not, is often a sign of weakness and may result in a much higher loss of prestige, and possibly honour. It is generally frowned upon and you should reconsider unless you have a really good reason.
    • Remember: In the middle ages, many wars were fought over disputed claims to titles, especially rulerships.
  • Region Description...-review or update your region's description
    • Public description intended to add flavour and atmosphere to the game.
    • Advice on style and content can be found on this wiki page. It's also recommended to read the region description of your neighbouring regions to make it easier for you to "fit in" with your description.
  • Post bounties...-buy the support of adventurers to the the undead and monster menace.
    • This is where you post your own gold as reward money for adventurers who kill monsters and undead in your region. Monsters and undead can severely harm a region if not dealt with, and this is probably the simplest way of dealing with them, at least when they are a low level nuisance. Larger invasions require a military solution.
  • Steward...-announce or change the steward of your region.
    • Allow one of your knights to buy and sell food on your behalf. It can only be a knight in your region. There is also a separate command to allow the realm treasurer to buy and sell on your behalf.
    • Note that whoever completes the sale receives the money for it.
  • Markets report...-get a report on what the markets are up to.
    • This allows you to see your own buy/sell offers, but it doesn't allow you to make transactions. To make transactions you have to be in your region, or a region that has a marketplace.

Army Commands

  • Army Sponsorship...-found or manage your armies
    • You can found a new army which will be based in either the capital, or your region (if you command one), or your family home region (if that lies within the realm).
    • The name of the army should be either something like "army of ..." or "... army". It will be used in-game in various texts such as "knights of the (name)" or "the (name) has received new funds".