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The Actions screen contains all the various personal actions that you can make. Not all of them are available all the time, but if they are not, they usually tell you why.


If you don't see hope for yourself any more, you can always start a new life on a new continent - provided of course that you have the necessary 50 gold.

Visit the temples

In a region where a temple has been built, you can visit with the local priests if you have not chosen a religion or if there is a temple of the faith you belong to. For a small donation to the priests they will tell you some local news.


If you are not happy with your ruler, you can join the underground opposition and discuss with other unhappy nobles what to do about it. If push comes to shove, the opposition can rise up in an actual rebellion, overthrowing the ruler.


In cities of your own realm and in the capital you will find banks that can exchange bonds for gold and vice versa or allow you to transfer bonds to other nobles in your realm. In the capital of foreign realms, you can send gold to foreign nobles for a flat 50 gold fee.

Join Tournament

If a tournament has been announced, you can join it by going to this screen. Note that all tournaments are announced several days in advance and it may not always take you that long to travel there. Check this screen to find out how much time remains and how much the travel takes.

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