Hashimashidas Family

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The Hashimashidas family, a proud family of hot tempered warriors. They pride themselves on their fighting abilities and rule their regions through fanatical devotion. Their peasents love them for they would die to protect them.

The Patriarch of the Hashimashidas family is Doragan. He is a very capable ruler, who is loved by all. Unlike the rest of the family, his fanatical devotion has been tempered by the long years he has spent in power. He once was a bloodthirsty ruler who tried to conquer the world, but failed when a famine swept over the land. Since then he has sent family member worldwide, to spread their influence and spread the name of the Hashimashidas.

The Martriarch of the family is Kate. While the Hashimashidas family is from eastern origin, Doragan and Kate agreed upon a plan. The women would be named after women in her family, the men named after his.

Two of the heirs are located in the Far East. Tokeru is the Eldest son of the Family. He is currently located in the region of Lasanar. He is the leader of the sentry squad Demon Spawn.

Jennifer is Tokeru's twin sister. She is currently located in the region of Svunnetland. She is the leader of the scouting squad, Demon Storm.

The last heir, and youngest of three children is Hokaru. He is currently located in the Continent of Atamara in the realm of the Barony of Makar. He is a fanatical warrior that prides himself in leading his men in battle.

There are four other children, all 15 years of age. They are, Janine, Alexandria, Lydia, and Edith. Edith is currently being raised as a noble lady in the care of the Lightsbane Family.

The Hashimashidas Family is also taking care of a ward. His name is Christopher Lightsbane. He is cousin to the family.

Cousin to the Hashimashidas family is the Lightsbane Family.