Halls of Luria/Court Roles

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Court Positions

Vice-Regent - Second only to the Emperor, expected to perform and carry out his duties in his absence, or those delegated to him. They are also in charge of the Imperial Council in the absence of an Emperor, and expected to ensure that the next election comes swiftly and is carried out properly.

Imperial Archivist - Expected to maintain history throughout the Empire and ensure it is all up to date.

Court Enchanter - One knowledgeable in the field of magic, be it enchanted artefacts or scrolls. The position itself will have only a humble role in the advisory of such uses, but with enough intrigue, perhaps they could find themselves in the Imperial Council.

Master of Ceremonies - Responsible for hosting many of the ceremonies of the calendar across the year. They are expected to at least delegate responsibilities for individual events if they are unable to host.

Master of the Hunt - A victor of the Annual Hunt and responsible for hosting it in future years.