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Day Dec 19 2005

Sandlak's men prepared for the second onslaught of Ikalak city. Half a day before Grig lost all but 3 of his cavalryment, and decided to man the walls of Ikalak city with archers. He noted that Sandalak arranged their men without any orders, and it had shown, their units were in a great disarry. He thought to himself, 'I am sure Sebastian meant for it to be this way, or so that will be his excuse'.

Ikalak's Infantry and Archers lined the walls, with Sandalak's troops below. "Fire when you see them smile... Fire!" Grig hollars to his fellow archers. And stinging rain fell upon Sandalak. Eavan and Tien Xe charge out from the fortifications causing a small flurry of activity. Grig looks, at the fighting below, how the two units fight bravely to keep Sandalak from approaching the walls, at the same time he holds great hope that both nobles come out of it with their bodies intact, and their brains functioning. "Holy crap, I never ordered that, but I praise them from their courage and sacrifice". Just as Grig says that Eavan's (Countess of Berakor ) faulters, her red plume on her helment drips into the crowd of Sandalak soldiers.

All but 3 and 1 of the two units remained. They still caused enough of a comotion below to prevent the Sandalak troops from jumping forward, allowing the skilled Ikalak archers to wreck havoc on the unfortunate men in the front.

Having cleared the initial and surprising assualts by Eavan and Tien Xe, Sandalak throngs forward and begins to prepare their siege engines and throwing ropes up the walls. The arrows hardly effecting Sandalak's determination, their men climb the walls, and make futile battle, as the Ikalak infantry pour hot boiling water and oil on those below, even cutting a few ropes loose.

With two siege engines at the walls, Ikalak open the gates briefly to allow the cavalry to attack, including the brave General Castamir. Cutting down the men who man the siege engines briefly, before Sandalakian jump into the towers to attempt to get over the walls.

"Haha, it looks like Phelan was caught and pierced by one of the lancers, Grig", said Thule, as he notches another arrow.

"I wonder if it was Castamir, Argos, or Juannika that did it. I wil have to priase them too for their courage", replied Grig hastily as he let loose an arrow that he had taken careful aim with.

The battle carried one, with the calavry eventually routing or getting beaten down, the combined effects of the infantry , archers, and lancers were having a drastic effect on the morale of Sandalak's troops.

"Hassan has fallen! And may his tongue be the first to fall off from gangreen", shouts Thule. Grig takes a moment to look over the edge, and see the fallen body of Hassan,. At that moment Hassan stirred and limped back into the crowd at the walls.

Moments later cheer errupts all along the walls of Ikalak. "What's going on? I still be many Sandalak banners." Grig shouts over the noise.

"Sebastian has been captured!" Shouts back Thule.

The Iakalak men fight with renewed strength and resolve, and it starts to show, as the Sandalak forces are rapidly rebuked from the walls as they try to scale up.

Canth climbs to the top of the walls, and is met by the Ikalak Prime Minister, Morgoth, in his black armour. Morgoth swings his sword to cut loose the life rope of Canth, and seeing this Canth makes a rapid, desparate stab at Morgoth. Canth's sword pierces the Morgoth's sword shoulder, and Morgoth steps back in pain, his sword dropping.

Seeing this unfold, and being ever watchful of the approaching nobles, Grig witnesses the sword plunge into Morgoth, and Canth climbs onto the walkway to attack Morgoth one final time. "Duck!", yell Grig as he hops up on the battlements, and notching a arrow at the same time. In a panic he lets the arrow loose, and it strikes canth in the throat, and ejects out the outside. Blood erupts from Canths mouth as he tries to screm in pain, and collapses to his knees and expires.

Around the same time the rest of the Sandalak forces were wiped out or routed leaving just the archers. Ikalaks Infantry charged out from the walls and quickly overwhlemed the archers with superior numbers in close combat.

"Return Canth's body to Sandalak, he deserves to be buried and forgotten." proclaimed Grig as he rushed to the healers tents to see how his fallen comrades were doing.

Day Dec 11 2005

There was much anger in the street of Ikalak, for toady the council and their supporting members (OOC: Adivsory council) had agree on the execution of the prince of poison, Aesurrin of Sandalak. The mobs of commoners buzzed with excited, and nervousness, for they had heard even his spittle was filled with venom, though it was mere damed words from his part.

Aesurrin, black hooded, was brought out from the highly secured Grand Ikalak Penal Center, his hands tighly bound behind him with a think fiber rope. The dungeon keeper, Adrasteia, was holding Aesurrin easily by the arm. Aesurrin limped out of the doorway and was guided through the crowed street, up to the center square. It was apparent that Adrasteia had soften him up a bit, for he cursed at her the whole way to the center area. People threw tomatoes at Aesurrin as he walked, this was their way of bringing public embarassment. The two eventually made their way to a wooden platform with what appears to be a wooden hand operated crane. Grig was standing on top of the platform looking slightly nervous, for he had never had to conduct a hanging before.

"I promised all of Ikalak, that for the portection of our Grand realm and it leaders, that should ANYBODY attempt murder of our leaders, that the assassin would pay with their life!" boomed Grig

"Throw that snake of the edge!" and "Snakes should have their head chopped off!", came the cat calls from the impatient corwd.

"Today, Aesurrin was sentenced to public hanging for the attempted assassination of Judge Grig, and evidence of a poison dagger was found on him when he was caught.", Grig paused and the cat calls were again called. "Adrasteia, unmask him there I may face my attacker." She unstrung the hood and grabbed from the top, Aesurrin growled in anger as if to bite her. She grabbed the hood with a fist so as to pull his hair as she quickly ripped the hood off, and Aesurrin slightly winced in outrage.

The crowd immediately back up from the front of the platform, fearing Aesurrin's venomous spittled. Upon seeing the Grig, Aessurin spat in Grig's face, and was about to shout, but as he open his mouth Adrasteia stuffed the assassin's mouth with loincloth. Grig grimaced in disgust, and nodded to Adrasteia that he is in fact Grig's attacker. Adrasteia punched Aesurrin in the face with a mailed glove for his incondolances, and a tooth fell out a few moments later, as she place the hangman's rope around his neck. This was followed by a much more throwing of tomatoes as the people realized he is nothing more than a skilled assassin, that he did not posses venomous spit. Adrasteia kicked him off the platform, the rope went taught, follwed by the crack of neck bones.

"Let this man die in disgrace, and act as a example to all those that use poison against us!" shouted Grig over the dim roar of the crowd.

Day Nov 8 2005

While Grig was making dinner for his men a messenger approached.

"Sir Grig, Ikalak city has been attacked again.", the messenger said.

"Did we repel them? And who would dare!?!" Grig replied

"No sir, we lost again Taselak, it was said that Taselak brought in a larger force and overwhelmed the city", claimed the messenger, feeling a bit uneasy, and Grig was now cutting some lamb pieces for a stew. Slamming down the knife hard, Grig split the tender lamb chop easily in half, but he was clearly upset by recent events. Grig dismisses the messenger, and begins to boil the meat and starts to add seasoning.

A member of Grig's unit, a big barrel chested axe thrower, cautiously approaches Grig. Surprised Grig,Grig grabs the knife, covered in sheep remanants, faster than you can blink and turns on his heels apparently fearing the man was an assassin. The man backsteps a couple of times, very scared of his commander, and Grig's shoulders relax and his knife hand drops to his side. "I thought you were a Sandalak assassin coming for me.", says Grig.

"No, I heard word about our city, a terrible loss. Are you ok my commander?", the big man asks, no knowing what to expect, but hoping it was something beneign so that he could eat soon.

"Oh yeah Ikalak city, it seems a number of nobles do not care anymore, and do as they please these days. And Sandalak! They are wagging the dog, dangling a carrot in front of us so that Taselak can turn around and attack our city again! I feel that we have been had, and this is surely the hand of Boswick and Sebastian, and Taselak is mean pack of dogs doing their bidding. My good man, we were distined to conquer this island, what has become of us, we almost had Taselak defeated, twice, at various time, at one time Sandalak was tetering on the blink of collapse. And now.... Our city has been breached - twice... I do not know if I can bare the thought of surviving if our city flies a different flag, I would sooner kill himself or die in an honorable battle defending it" Grig looks at the knife in contemplation, is this the time?

"Sir?", the big man pleads, "Our wives and children need you to lead us and protect our city. The hope is not lost until every able person in Ikalak is killed."

Dropping the knife. the fire comes back to Grig's eyes. Grig replies, "Yes you are right, and I shall rejoice in every man that I slaughter under the command of Sebastian and Boswick, if it weren't for those two this would have never come to pass!"

Night Sept 8 2005

Grig descends down into the dungeons...

Turning to a lady dungeon keeper, "Adrasteia, please fetch Tancred from his cell."

"Yes, my lordship, I shall make sure this one is fit to see you", Adrasteia says as she grabs her brass knuckles and smiles back at Grig, "These are to soften him up some so that he does not attempt to get far." She walks down the dark stone hall, grabs the keys at he side and proceeds to open the cell. "Tancred! Sit up, I shall take you to see the Grand Justicar, Grig. In case you don't know respect I shall give you a refesher." Adrasteia enters the cell, leaving the door open.

There is the sound of snaps and what sounds like body blows. A few screams erupt, but it becomes apparent that this nolbe is being submissive. A few moments later Adrasteia appears with Tancred in front of her, she's holding his arm up high behind his back.

"Tancred, I hope you have enjoyed our finest ameneties in Ikalak. I hope my made use of the pool of water and bathed your barbaric skin, for today I am releasing you back to your realm. Now, I shall have Adrasteia here escort you out of our dungeons. I hope that you shall no longer bring your sword against Ikalak."

The lady goaler blinds folders Tancred, and escorts him out...