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ShieldWHITE.jpg The Grancourt Family are a relatively new family to the World of Battle Master. Granted nobility by King Kronos of the Titans Family of Carelia, the respectable Map Writers put their two children through the Academy to become Knights.

Originally from Clyderee in Atamara, they own a small estate in the countryside, tucked away on the edge of a forest with wild boar and hogs aplenty. They have never known poverty - but at the same time are not the richest family around, and would like to have their name known throughout the various continents. Laurie and Thrydwulf's mothers brother is the father to Bartho, Jadine and Alana Baraedor (also from Clyderee). Both familes are friends with the Dwarf Family from Skalk.

The eldest: Laurie Grancourt took to the bow and arrow pretty quickly, while the youngest: Thrydwulf was always more interested in horses.

Laurie Grancourt

aurie Grancourt was born in the Grancourt estate as a home birth. He

was always a dark child - with dark hair and dark green/brown eyes. He has a caring nature, but a strong silent side at the same time.

While he always will be there to talk to when a shoulder is needed, he never mixes work and play, and is very meticulous about his work. He does not drink full-stop, and believes this helps him keep a clear head, and be on-top of his enemies, and indeed in close command of his unit.

He married Beatrice Berntsen at his home after bringing her back from a short trip to the Northern regions before his coming of age. It was a childhood crush, and developed into a blossoming relationship soon after Laurie's integration into the Army of Carelia.

He has achieved his aspiration to become an infiltrator and work undercover for his beloved realm Carelia. He is looking forward to aiding in wiping RedSpan off the face of Atamara with his newly learned skills. While he is still a young spy, he will aim to become the best infiltrator in Carelia and maybe one day a feared man over the whole continent.

While he still remains joined to Beatrice, it seems that the light is fading in their skies as the distance between them separates their feelings so much. They are living in different worlds, in different ages and for different things. The bond still remains tied however, but the memory is all that is left in their heads and hearts.

Name Laurie Grancourt
Age 25 ShieldWHITE.jpg
Class Infiltrator
Honour 15
Prestige 15
Realm Carelia
Title "Nvnc id vides, Nvnc ne vides"
Achievements 0 Repute 0
Chivalry 0 Notoriety 0
Integrity 0 Items 0

Laurie's Roleplays

The Karandras Scandal
The Fall of Raven
Tharan's Gift
High Marshal
Letters Back Home
Secret Society of Da Way
Kronos' Fault

Beatrice Grancourt

eatrice Grancourt fell in love with Laurie when she met him at a small

tournament for people not come of age somewhere in the northern territories. She is dark haired with pale skin, and bright blue eyes. She is very caring, and always willing to do the best for everyone around her. She is always thinking about somebody else, and sometimes forgets to think about herself.

She began her career in Carelia as a trader, but was caught using the blackmarket and decided that she really didn't know what she was doing, and left for Beluaterra.

She takes her jobs seriously, but she finally had to give up all her titles in the realm of Joppo on Beluaterra as Mesh had destroyed their hopes of survival. She left at the right time, as a couple of days later, a massive undead horde with a CS of 25,000 spawned right in the streets! She strives to be an important role in the lives of a lot of people, and this is part of the reason she has moved away from her husband Laurie. With passion running through her veins, she will probably aspire to be a Hero someday - atleast in the eyes of the people around her.

Someday she hopes to return to her husband, or for Laurie to come and visit her. There is a problem though, because Thrydwulf and Laurie don't get along too well.

She is currently in the realm of Heen in the badlands of Beluaterra, and after aiding the realm in uniting the desert lands under one banner (the banner of Heen!) her service to the realm as a bureaucrat has been highly valued. She now teaches the tutors at the academy her skills with the paperwork.

During the recent invasion on Beluaterra she took up her sword as a knight of the realm once more, but was captured in the first battle in Heen. She was tortured twice by the Summoner, and how has the mark on her inner arm. She will not forget her awful time spent in those dungeons. She is also the Countess of Kif with her loyal knight Tissaphernes supporting her.

Previous Titles Held:
* Duchess of Joppo (+2 Fame Points)
* Baroness of Suuk (+1 Fame Points)
* Paladin Primus of Joppo
* Haruspex Maximus of Joppo
* Countess of Kif
(The last two did not grant fame as the realm was too small)
Name Beatrice Grancourt
Age 26 ShieldWHITE.jpg
Class Knight
Honour 86
Prestige 26(+8)
Realm Heen
Title Knight of Kif
Achievements 4 Repute 7
Chivalry 5 Notoriety 0
Integrity 0 Items 2*

Beatrice's Items

*Beatrice has in her posession the Necklace of the Maiden. It grants the bearer +4 prestige.
*Beatrice has in her posession the Brilliant Coat of the Maiden. It grants the bearer +4 prestige.

Beatrice's Roleplays

Shrine in Kif
An Old Friend
Hanging Up the Pen
Maggie's Meeting
The Latlan Liberation Legion

Thrydwulf Grancourt

hrydwulf Grancourt was always the younger brother. He was always

under his brother Laurie's shadow while he was growing up, and as a result, he decided to move to the East Continent as soon as possible. Seizing his chance, he joined the warrior realm of Perdan to start his military training.

He is much lighter than his brother, with almost fair hair and deep brown eyes. Whilst he doesn't get along with Laurie too well - this is only an example of "Brotherly Love". He is passionate, and always does his best, whatever the situation. There is nothing more he likes than to join his unit around the bonfire, singing songs until they fall asleep.

Like his brother, he does not drink, also believing that a clear head is better than a bit of "Dutch Courage". He has always had a love for animals, especially horses, and aspires to be a Cavalier someday. His military mind has come into power now, as he is the High Marshall of Heen, and the Marshall of the First Army of Tahgalez. He hopes that he can lead his close band of men to many victories in the upcoming wars.

After being appointed as High Marshall, he has already had to take his fellow nobles through many battles. First, they aided their southern allies Vlaanderen and Khthon in their wars against Plergoth and Mesh. Then a campain was mounted with their northern allies Sint to destroy Ashborn and it went well until Old Grekh became involved.

When the Third Invasion started in Beluaterra, he was put to the test by a force of undead entering the lands of Heen stronger than their own forces, and after they had killed half of the population of Latlan, Thrydwulf managed to fight the horde alongside some monster swarms in their capital for 3 whole days until the forces of Daimons attempting to gain a foothold on the continent managed to get the undead to move out (and at a lucky time for then, as the Heenites were about to destroy 3 of their units in one swift movement.

Name Thrydwulf Grancourt
Age 30 ShieldWHITE.jpgCelticknottiny.jpg
Class Cavalier
Honour 136
Prestige 30
Realm Heen
Title High Marshal of Heen
Achievements 10 Repute 12
Chivalry 8 Notoriety 0
Integrity 0 Items None

Thrydwulf's Items


Thrydwulf's Roleplays

The Deception in Weghie
Thrydwulf Becomes a Cavalier
The Keffa Campaign
Recovering in Reeds
Arrival Back in Heen
An Old Friend Returns
Liberating Latlan
Thrydwulf Reflects
Temple and the Tattoo
The Fall of Erin


Charlotte is a pretty little thing, but very unfortunate. Growing up as a child, she was always very honest and hard working, however, the local priest took a slight fancy to her. This turned into an infatuation. He could not stop thinking about her, dreaming about her, fantasising about her. He soon began to think that she was teasing him - the way she moved, her pretty features - and began to kid himself into believing she was bewitching him. Priests of course are not allowed to think impure thoughts, and she was the cause of all of his.

He finally had her banished from Clyderee, still a young child. She has been scarred ever since. Her life now is a rough one, an adventurers life, a commoner. She is nothing in anybody's eyes. She used to wish to be reunited with her dear family, and be considered under their name again and still might some day.

She is currently in the Far East not really belonging to any realm. Charlotte has already sold 3 unique items for recommendations and a little gold, but quite likes the life, and has made many friends to hang around with, hunt and generally have a laugh. They are all a great bunch and make her want to stay with them rather than become a noble.

Charlotte's Roleplays

Elemental Scroll of the Damned
Golden Brooch of Warding
Old Scroll (given to Primus Baraedor who'll write the RP)
Shiny Coat of Blood
Sacred Armour
Swift Hammer of Slaying
Evil Book of the Damned (given by Reika and traded to Alexandria)
Dazzling Scroll of Zolon
Ring of the Undead
Enchanted Scroll of Arempos
Helm of Strength
Impenetrable Chain Mail of Blood

A Simple Life? (Roleplay with Lucius Curs)

Family Fame


FB General.png
(Thrydwulf - High Marshall of Heen)
FB Duke.png
(Beatrice - Duchess of Joppo)
FB Lord.png
(Beatrice - Baroness of Suuk)
Sum: 4/12 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Family Prestige.png
Family Prestige: 20
(All Characters)
FB Family Prestige.png
Family Prestige: 50
(All Characters)
Sum: 4/8 points

FB Outcast.png
Sum: 2/14 points

Sum: 0/6 points

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Beatrice - 50% Bureau
FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Laurie - 50% Infil
FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Charlotte - 50% Adventure
FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Charlotte - 50% Sword(?)
Sum: At least 4?/? point

Sum: At most 1?/10 points

Total: 15 points

Current High: 43 points