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Dec 4 2005 - Belus SWI

Gimilkhad had received word from General Jayde, looking for volunteers to move to Belus where there was sure to be a conflict. Gimilkhad had been the first contingent to move to Belus, now represented with 23 Infatry men, 16 less than what he had set out of Sandalak city with, 16 men who's families he would have to one day visit to give personal responsibility.

Gimilkhad was somewhat glad to be out of the unforgiving badlands of Moeth, it seemed a takes a special kinda of person just to survive in such a climate, and he admired the few hillmen he met there. Coming down onto Belus Gimilkhad motioned for his lead scout to direct the men near the Toren river where there was a good open spot next to the townsland.

Upon arrival Gimilkhad was acutely made aware of the presence of the Taselak noble Eldrond, and a significant number of militia, however he had expected more more the Taselak army to arrive, off guard.

"We shall make a hidden camp and wait for others before calling out to the army Taselak in battle." Gimilkhad said to his men. They proceeded to set up the war tents in tall grasses, tucked behind a hill and out of sight. Within an hour Jaden and Viola had been scouted and prepared for the show down next to the town of Belus. By sunrise Taselak spotted the encampment and a small battle ensued.

"We shall make for them quickly, run them down as fast as you can, for we are Sandalak!" BOOM! The war drum pound at Gimilkhad's exclamation. "Spare them not! FORWARD!" With a leap of courage Gimilkhad's 23 men barrel into the first set of 50 opposing Infantry men. Slashing wildly Gimilkhad had hoped more fellow Sandalak unit would have had arrived and so has another unit sharing the lead charge. But it was a realization too late, his men were well ahead of the rest of the Sandalak army. 17 men fell in the first contact with Taselak, 3 Taselakians and 14 from Gimilkhad's men. Gimilkhad, trying in vain to represent his men well, broke through the first row of Infantry men and encountered Elrond, it wasn't hard to spot the noble, he seemed to stick out of the crowd. Jumping in the place of a fallen Tasalak infantry, Gimilkhad barreled forward to the unsuspecting Elrond, sword lowered like a lance. The sword found a small opening in the tight chainmail, and sunk in slightly. Gimilkhad continued running, past Elrond while tugging his sword loose, in time to parry an attack from a nearby infantry who saw his leader go down.

Looking around after this deed Gimilkhad realized that his men routed, for the initial assault seemed foolish. And after parrying a few more attacks Gimilkhad knew he was no longer any use on the battlefield, and snuck off into the shadows to eventually find his men.

Dec 2 2005 - Moeth SWI

Gimilkhad had come to Moeth with 36 Infantry, most of them were from the Inn back in Unlib, and the rest from Sandalak. Gimilkhad had joined with teh rest of the Sandalak attack team and saw his first battle in Moeth, in which Sandalak successfully breach the level 2 walls and took out the militia.

Searching out small pockets of militia and gathering used equipment had become the norm while other stormed the few government buildings of Moeth, and giving people notice. However the citizens of Moeth longed for Taselak and refused to deal with us.

Gimilkhad looks at the walls of Moeth, "I cannot wait til these walls are ours, why do the few people here resist us so much? I guess that it does not really matter, they will give us their tax gold either now or later, but these walls... would prove very useful for defenses before the Taselak army arrives", he says to a young Unlib warrior who has come along on the searching expedition.

"Yes those walls look pretty formidable, much bigger than anything I have seen in Unlib. How much longer do you think we'll being searching for the remaining militiamen?", the young warrior replies.

"I am pretty sure we we stop after the next 24 hours, hopefully before their army arrives." Gimilkhad responds as he continues along some paths through the brush of Moeth. "Tonight we shall get a hour or tow to share some stories with the others of our armies. 'Stay sharp and perhaps you can learn a thing or two', that's what my Father always told me."

Nov 30 2005 - Sandalak City SWI

Young Gimilkhad was nervous on this day, for he had not much experience it war, only the knowledge passed on to him from his father, Tommi. Over the course of the weeks he had been in Sandalak, he went from a being a boy to noblehood as an inexperienced soldier.

"Men I have trained you to the best of my knowledge, and you have trained me, for I knew not of the ways of the sword nearly as well as my older brothers. Today is the day where I make my first trek into enemy lands where I shall encounter battles for lands, gold, and supremacy. If all goes well we shall return with many stories, and be glad to see our mistresses, and inspire many more young men for our cause. Let us make haste to Fali, the General wishes us to move efficiently that we make notch in our swords soon."

Nov 20 2005 - Sandalak City SWI

Lord Calmacil,

I, Gimilkhad Tyrell, son of the Tommi Tyrell, swear to you Lord Calmacil, Marquis of Abykal, that from this hour in the future I will be faithful to you with regard to your life, and the members of your body, in good faith and without deception. And I will be faithful to you concerning that town of Abykal and the territory that belongs to it within its entire boundaries. And neither that town nor its territory will I seize from you, not I, nor any man or men, woman or women, acting by my advice or instigation. And I will help you to hold, have and defend against all men and women who might wish to seize or deprive you of all these above mentioned things. And I will give you possession of that town and that fortress which is or will be inside it as many times as you demand them of me, either you yourself or by your representative or representatives. And all that has been written above I will hold and observe faithfully and without deception, by God and all the great nobles of Sandalak.

Sir Gimilkhad (Knight of Abykal)