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Not following Marshal's orders on multiple occasions


Letter from Luna MacGregor

Like, every responsible Knight, noble, Duke, or Marshal should know, the most important factor of war is a units readiness and ability to fight.

There are times when my unit is simply not ready for combat, and it would be irresponsible to send them into the field at anything less than their best.

And, on occasion, when such an instance occurs, for example, when there are wounded troops or under 20 troops, I have no choice but to continue recruiting and training- I choose the only right option there can be; the responsible one.

While I understand the confusion this might cause, as it may be construed as laziness or defiance, I assure you it is neither. I am eager to fight the Sirionites, but I am more eager to win

Luna MacGregor (Dame of Fontan)


Report from Gabriella Kinsey

Dame Luna's unit status:

men CS readiness
28 archers 470 100%

Tax day is today, so I assume that she has not been able to recruit additional men for the past week. This should be close to her status for this past week.

She has note moved from Krimml in days. Most of the OoT knights who returned to Krimml at the same time as her were able to participate in the battle at Sermbar.

And she did not participate in the battle before the last one either. I do not believe she had lost a single men in her unit for weeks.

The most battle-ready unit in the world will not help us win this war, if Dame Luna never uses it to strike down the enemy.

Lady Gabriella Kinsey Countess of Oporto, Marshal of the Order of The Thunder


The Supreme Justice will issue a fine of 25 for this first offence that has brought to the attention of the Court.

Motivation of the Court

Dame Luna, while the court has respect for your point of view. We find the ignoring and disobedience of orders wrong for a noble of Fontan. Even worse, it is undermining the military hierarchy of Fontan as a whole.

The court points out that you're problem lies with the military high command. Your issue's and concerns about the welfare of your unit should be addressed to the Minister of Defence, or the realm council directly.

By remaining stationary and ignoring marshal's orders, you might safe your twenty soldiers lives, but hundred other brave Fontan warriors die because the army's don't move on full strength.

Conclusion is that the army's of Fontan move together or don't move at all. We hope this incident - in general - does not happen again.

Case closed.