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The origins of House Flockhart are a mystery to most in the known world. True, the members of this noble house are among the most fearsome in battle and in the known world. Those that are allied with this noble house undoubtedly have success in their military career, while those that oppose any member of this family, find themselves crushed in times of war. Currently four brothers are engaged in their prime, waging war against their enemies in this world.

Members of this House


The first of the 4 brothers to start his military career, Dekion started in the realm of Talerium on the island of Atamara. While he learned the ways of war in this realm, he was not satisfied with fighting enemies across the entire continent and therefore decided to join his brother Gilead in the realm of Itorunt on the East Island.

Once again he made progress in his new realm, but also felt that something was lacking in his life. It was at this time that he once again decided to join a new realm and travelled across the island to join the noble realm of Old Rancagua.

It is in the realm of Old Rancagua that Dekion has finally started to settle down in life. he has found a brotherhood of warriors that he has pledged his sword to. Currently he has risen to the rank of High Marshal of that great realm and leads the Army of Old Rancagua as the Marshal. Soon he hopes to achieve his goal of uniting the realms of Old Rancagua and Rancagua under one banner again.

Finally Dekion was able to fulfill his dream of uniting the realms of Old Rancagua and Rancagua again. With support from allies Sirion and Fontan, Old Rancagua broke the defences of Kazakh and successfully took control of the City.

Following the successful TO of Kazakh and the destruction of Rancagua, Sirion and Fontan have requested aid from Old Rancagua in destroying the realm of Avamar and placing that city back in control of Sirion.

Also on the East Island, the volcano has erupted causing several new regions to be created off the coast of Perdan and Old Rancagua. Rather than fight it out with Perdan, King Fuinur has chosen a more diplomatic relationship with the giant realm and there is currently a joint operation to colonize the newly risen regions.

A lot has happened since the rising of the Kalmar Islands as they are now called. Suffice to say Avamar and Oligarch are no more. Dekion has been elected by 50% of the population to the rulership of the realm. King Dekion will now work toward rebuilding Old Rancagua, weeding out any traces of rebellion, and restoring King Prometheus to the throne of Kalmar Islands.


Widely regarded as one of the best Generals that the South-East Island has ever seen, Sebastian has made it his present mission to crush the realm of Ikalak. Finally it is done! Ikalak City has fallen. Under the masterful watch of General Sebastian, the City of Ikalak has been taken over and added to Sandalak. During this time, Taselak ended the cease fire seeing the attack on their forces in Ikalak City as breaking the cease fire. No matter for now that Ikalak City belongs to Sandalak, Sebastian should have no troubles conquering the rest of the SEI.

And it is true, Sebastian and Sandalak emerged victorious on the South East Island. Laying siege to the city of Taselak, the Sandalak army ruthlessly crushed the region until there were less then 3000 peasants living in fear there.

Thinking he might find quite retirement on a nice quiet island, Sebastian has instead opted to remain in Sandalak, this time as the Dictator of the realm. Who will emerge victorious this time? Now there are 4 realms to contend with, but Sebastian once again has the full confidence of the Sandalak army behind him as he seeks to once again dominate the South East Island.


Previous ruler of Toren Stronghold on the South-West Island. The first to reach the rank of royalty for the Flockhart family.

Unfortunately for him and the realm of Toren, they could not stand against the might of Taselak. After a historic battle in Toren Stronghold that ended indecisively, Taselak proceeded to take over the region and add it to their own realm.

Gilead was a bitter man, blaming the fall of Toren on a certain King that was deposed by Gilead in a successful rebellion. However the damage had already been done and there was no saving Toren from her enemies. Not one to sit and wonder what might have happened, instead of joining a different realm on the SWI, Gilead instead moved to Beluaterra to start a new career with the fledgling realm of Sint.

Sint has become one of the most successful realms in beluaterra and now the realm seeks to crush Ashborn and Varayamo Noble as they try to push their heretical beliefs on the the nobles of Sint. Hemaglobe has given Gilead a divine message, and that is to let no one utter his name in vain.


The newest member of House Flockhart, noble Autarii was thought to not be a warrior and to prove his worth he decided to go against the advice of his older brothers and start a military career. Also one to break tradition, he is the first member of the House to become a hero, a decision that the other 3 brothers despise.

Since his start though, he has earned much respect and honor for the realm of Talerium on Atamara. Currently serving as the Count of Cantril and also Marshal of the Army of Chocxal, Autarii hopes to defeat his enemies on the battlefield. Still young and impetuous at times, Autarii is a warrior at heart and wishes to nothing more then fight for his realm.