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BattleMaster provides an API for some game data that can be used by external tools, either programs or web services.

The API is described in the /API Documentation page.

The use of our data by these tools is subject to a special License. Part of that license is that all such tools must list themselves on this page:

Tools Registered

Mneme IRC Bot

  • Location: #battlemaster
  • Status: Fully functional. Additional tweaks and enhancements are planned.
  • Source:
Coded with Java using the PircBot framework.
The source code is hosted on Assembla here
Requires a MySQL database, although another RDBMS could be used with a small addition to the code.
  • Description:
An IRC bot that associates a user's IRC nickname with a given Battlemaster family name. Once associated, other users can then query the bot to find what family the user plays, and a link to the user's details page.
It features basic anti-flooding protection to prevent abuse of its resources.
Seeking someone with a server who could host the bot.

Wikimap Project

  • Usage:
  • Examples:
http://tinyurl.com/BMWikimap/BMWorld2_Minas%20Ithil_WithCapital.pnghttp://tinyurl.com/BMWikimap/BMWorld2_Minas Ithil_WithCapital.png
  • Notice:
Update on turnly basis. BMWorld6 (Colonies) unsupported.