Everguard Visionary

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Everguard News Header.jpg
Founder: Arthur Spindle
Editor In Cheif: High King Fisc Arylon
Authors: Various
In the beginning, there was only Tor, and the beginning has a lot in common with the end. Price: 2 Everguard Marks

The Everguard Visionary was founded by Arthur Spindle in March of 2008 as the official newspaper of the mighty realm of Everguard on the continent of Dwilight. The position of Editor in Chief was created and assumed by the High King to ensure purity of information given in the publication of each issue. Many nobles of Everguard have contributed articles to the newspaper. Below is a list of all the issues published to date.

Issue Number Issue Date Contributors Topics Covered
Early Issue March, 2008 Arthur Spindle Founding of Everguard
Issue 1 March, 2008 Editorial Board Founding of Everguard, initial expansion
Issue 2 April, 2008 Editorial Board, Kakashi Uzamaki New colonies, Region Expansion
Issue 3 May, 2008 Editorial Board Western tension, A New High King, Region losses
Issue 4 July, 2008 Editorial Board, Mosious Aljfoi Suaht Valkyrja lost, New Alliance formed