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The ruling line of Everguard is the noble line of High Kings that have ruled over the realm of Everguard, the fifth realm founded on the continent of Dwilight. It traces its claim of power beyond the existence of Everguard, back to the aristocracy of the South-East Island before its ultimate destruction. The rulers of Everguard have been titled as High King (or High Queen in the event of a woman ruler) due to the nature of their rule - they have lorded over many cultural groups who have each individually recognized their own sovereign masters - thus the monarch of Everguard is something of a "King of Kings" - or as he is known within the realm, a "High King".

Heritage and Royal Claim

The Royal line of Everguard begins with its first High King, Fisc Arylon. Fisc was a Torenite hailing originally from the doomed continent of the South-East, and came to Dwilight as a refugee. He lead the delegation that braved the black wilderness of the west, as he was joined by other refugees from Toren, Ikalak and Taselak, as well as a few native Dwili. He was rewarded for his effort by being elected monarch, donning the Emerald Crown.

As his rule progressed, High King Fisc made it known that he wished his successor to be chosen from among the entirety of all nobles, regardless of their heritage as Islanders or natives. However, he also did note that he had a preference for the realm to be continue to be controlled by Islanders after he was gone. His rule was cut short due to an infection of the plague, and thus far his desire that Islanders retain power has been, as all who have donned the Emerald crown and sat upon the The Crystal Throne have indeed been Islanders - but other nobles are clamoring to get documents together verifying their claims for the future.

Many nobles who themselves were not island nobility are attempting to find some kind of connection to that forsaken land, be it family connections or some other kind of claim.

Royal Line of Everguard

FiscAlternate.png High King
Fisc Arylon
Silvertongue Torenite 27 Years Old March 16, 2008 - May 7th 2008 Luna Dawnstar
Gheric Arylon, Lyanna Arylon
Still Living 28 Years Old
Abdicated due to Illness
LuckyJack.png High King
Jack Carnes
Lucky Jack Ikalakian 25 Years Old May 12, 2008 - May 28, 2008 Unmarried Still Living 25 Years Old
Abdicated due to Illness
AveryllNew.png High Queen
Averyll Arete
The Butcher Torenite 31 Years Old June 2, 2008 - May 26, 2009 Unmarried Still Living 39 Years Old
Forced abdication upon capture by Astrum
KaribashKing.png High King
Karibash ka Habb
The Loyal Torenite 48 Years Old May 26, 2009 - June 9, 2009 Unmarried Still Living 48 Years Old
Realm destroyed

The Lost Kingdom of Everguard
Historical Realm Information

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