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The Founders of Everguard are the original 17 men and women who settled in the city of Valkyrja and created the realm of Everguard. They were brave men and women who marched into the blackness of the unknown looking for a new life, and found salvation in the founding of their realm.

Founders of Everguard

  • Arthur Spindle
  • Astoc Burgundy
  • Edwin Bloggs
  • Sir Fisc Arylon - Leader of the delegation
  • Freda Windwalker
  • Hackem de Struct
  • Hellion WinDos
  • Henk Van Hoensbroeck
  • Inagon II Gamgon
  • Sir Jack Carnes
  • Jord Jorvik
  • Karibash ka Habb
  • Lestat Corax
  • Luna DawnStar
  • Mosious Aljfoi Suaht
  • Raziel Thor
  • Sin RavenWulf

The Lost Kingdom of Everguard
Historical Realm Information

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