Eston Tribune/Issue 7

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1 gold Editors: Andrew McKay, Francisco Pizarro

Printed in Massillion

Early 2007
Bringing you the news hot off the press

Minor setback in Galadia

by Ismail Pizarro

March 20th - The rabbits are cheering, as they have finally managed to steal a victory. At dawn, a handful of Estonites in Galadia were overrun by a Falasani force, bent on taking back their former territory. Eston High Command, not in the least worried by the offensive, used the opportunity to test some new strategies. Unfortunatly, they did not work as they should have. Still, the defenders inflicted considerable casualties onto the Falasani. Yavuz, High Marshal of Falasan, was wounded, as tends to happen in most battles he attends.

We firmly hope that Falasan gains confidence from this battle. It will make it all the sweeter for us to crush that confidence in the very near future.

Head editor found dead

by Ismail Pizarro

March 20th - The Eston Tribune mourns, as it's editor-in-chief, Francisco Pizarro, was found dead near Galadia a few days ago, hung upside down from a tree, decapitated and disemboweled. Prior to his disappearance, Francisco had for some reason become a rogue agent, attacking his former Estonite brethren in the process. How and why he was driven to such madness is still a mystery, but it seems someone made him pay dearly for it. Local militiamen reportedly found a mysterious note near the body, presumably left by the killer. The content of the note has not been made public, but rumour has it that it shares remarkable resemblance to a note found on the body of another Pizarro, Gonzalo jr., who was brutally murdered in Enweil two months ago. Perhaps these murders are linked, or perhaps it is a cruel coincidence, but one thing is for sure. I am watching my back, all the time.

As his next of kin in Eston, I, Ismail Pizarro, will continue Francisco's work, and take over the position of head editor of the Tribune, so that we may continue to shed truth amongst the propaganda of our enemies.


by Francisco Pizarro

March 5th - At sunset, Belegmon was drenched in rabbit and snake blood. The Estonite-Darkan alliance remains in full control of the region after tearing apart the Falasani-Ashlantean alliance. The palisade wall was destroyed, but it was replaced by a wall of dead foes, including the heroes Dakhir and Caleb. A nearly 30,000 CS strong enemy army besieged Belegmon, but was almost completely destroyed by the REAF and DMC armies. Countless enemy nobles were wounded or captured, including Yavuz, High Marshal of Falasan who was dragged off the field, and Sir Moses, Arch Priest of Ash Sea Islands, who was taken into custody by Darkan forces. On the defender's side, casualties were minimal. Five nobles were wounded, including my brother Hernando of Darka.

The cause of this magnificent victory? Most of it is due to the bravery of the REAF and DMC soldiers, but another factor should not be forgotten. Over a quarter of the enemy army failed to follow their brethren into battle, leaving them at the mercy of the defenders. A word of advice to these cowards: never set foot in Eston. The only thing we hate more than rabbits and snakes are cowards. Expect swift death.

Nazia and Belegmon captured!

by Francisco Pizarro

February 26th - After the loss of Tucha, Picnu and Cori in a secession, Falasan was dealt another crushing blow this morning, as the soldiers of the Venerist Paladins of Eston, led by Sir Artemis Entreri, seized control of Nazia, a mountainous region in the northwest of Falasan. The few rebels in the area are being chased down and hung from the gallows, in order to crush any resistance before it becomes a problem. But the troubles for Falasan did not end there, as Belegmon was taken hours later, and in the south, the Tarans captured Aigaling, a region once cowardly stolen from them by the rabbits. Falasan has now lost six regions in the space of a few days... and the end is not yet in sight!

Justice served in Brackhead

by Francisco Pizarro

February 26th - The Estonites were pleased to hear that this morning, the dispicable Eric Keithson of Minas Ithil has been sent to his maker. As news reached the realm that Sir Skallagrim Storm, Supreme Judge of Norland, had executed this vile thug, a sense of joy went through our hearts. Eric, the criminal who murdered eleven guards in Barad Lacirith and attempted to assassinate a Dame of Eston during a time of peace, has finally been brought to justice. The only disappointment is that Arch Priest Christofer was not able to put Eric to the sword himself. But a Viking axe works just as well!

Trouble in Tucha

by Francisco Pizarro

February 25th - The secession of Tucha appears to have been ill-prepared, as the fledgling tyranny of Capashinia is in a state of anarchy. Details are sketchy, but it is certain that Torin is not in control of his realm. In fact, after some investigation, we found out that Torin is not even officially a member of his own realm! So far, there is only one Capashinian noble, Vader Mandul of the Lost Realm, who joined the tyranny just this day after arriving from another island. Torin himself is still listed as a noble of Falasan, the realm he broke away from, or at least, try to break away from. It seems stormclouds are gathering over Tucha, and it is uncertain how long Capashinia can survive, pinned between hostile realms. More on this issue as the story unfolds!

Rabbits hide inside their holes

by Francisco Pizarro

February 23rd - Upon seeing the might of the Royal Estonite Armed Forces, combined with troops from the Darkan Mercenary Company, the rabbits of Falasan have responded in their usual manner: hiding behind walls. The REAF and DMC troops who had expected fierce battle were disappointed to learn that the Falasani forces did not have the courage to defend themselves and their borders, as they fled Belegmon as sudden as they had appeared there. King Tank, who received support of just over a quarter of his nobles, is nowhere to be spotted. Rumour has it that he ordered his men to dig a deep hole for him to hide in.

In other news, Duke Torin of Tucha seceded his duchy from the rest of Falasan, in an unexpected but welcome act of disobedience towards his king. The loss of its second wealthiest city along with Picnu and Cori, and the upcoming loss of Belegmon and Nazia, is sure to lower the spirits of the rabbits even more. We expect to be handed the keys of Barad Falas shortly, if this cowardice continues.

Spearing the Rabbit

by Francisco Pizarro

February 20th - After three weeks and an undead uprising, the Royal Estonite Armed Forces once again stand ready to defend their honor and country. Hundreds of banners bearing the Star and Spears of Eston are waving proudly on the walls of Anost, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Rabbit hordes, and whomever wants to die with them. Across the bridge, in Belegmon, a Falasani army has gathered, with token support from the Ashlantean army, led by King Malice himself. We in Eston welcome the Snakes, as they provide more opportunities for our inexperienced soldiers to make their first kill in battle. The REAF soldiers are poised and ready.

Grimoire-Salvator marriage

by Francisco Pizarro

February 13th - The Grand Cathedral in Hawthorne is undergoing final preparations for the wedding of one of Eston's most renowned warriors and his bride-to-be. Next Wednesday, Myrn'tek Grimoire, former Duke of Hawthorne, and Kara Salvator will be wed by Arch Priest Christofer Kane. Every noble of Eston has been invited to the event, and it seems that many will answer the invitation. This reporter is making haste in order to make the festivities. The Eston Tribune wishes the future newlyweds all the best in their life together.

Undead vanquished!

by Francisco Pizarro

February 6th - After nearly a week of terrorizing the Estonite peasantry, the massive undead hordes have been defeated! At sunset, the last bands of walking dead were mopped up by the brave soldiers of the REAF. It appears that the threat is over, for now at least. No new undead hordes have been spotted, and those who were killed were quickly decapitated and burned, to prevent them from rising up once more. But slaying the undead is only the first part. Now begins the process of rebuilding what has been destroyed. The duchies of Massillion and Hawthorne suffered considerable damage, and bureaucrats and civil workers are now facing the challenge of repairing the prodcution facilities as quickly as possible.

And finally, the Eston Tribune would like to express its deepest gratitude for the brave souls who lost their lives, so that others could be spared. They gave the ultimate sacrifice for their countrymen, and will be remembered as Heroes of Eston, for as long as a single Estonite draws breath.

Hellish incursions continue

by Francisco Pizarro

February 4th - Panic sweeps the countryside, as the unholy plague continues to spread through Eston. Since the undead first appeared in Tintar, few provinces have been spared from the violence. Saradic, Tintar and Malor suffered heavy damage, and elsewhere, new bands of undead are still rising from the grave. It is now believed that the total strength of the monsters and undead may actually rival that of the REAF. The impact of this invasion is being felt throughout the northwestern parts of Atamara, as similar events have been reported in the Cagilan Empire. The situation appears grim there as well, as the Cagilans have lost a field battle to the undead. May they find the strength to be victorious... Eston and the Cagilan Empire appear to be the last barrier between Atamara and a full-scall undead invasion.

Meanwhile, superstition runs rife, as some peasants believe that the deceased of the Viking Wars and the Secession War have risen up to avenge their pointless deaths. Others even go so far as to claim that these monsters have been summoned by dark forces in Falasan and Minas Ithil. This reporter's opinion? They are just confused corpses who need to be reminded that they're dead. They were killed before, and they can be killed again. It is easier to cut an enemy to pieces when he's already falling apart. In fact, you could very well rip an undead's head clean off with your bare hands.

The dead walk, and they are not alone!

by Francisco Pizarro

February 1st - Black magic runs wild across Atamara! The gates of Hell appear to have opened, as numerous reports reached Eston of undead hordes ravaving the countryside, Eston alone is facing three hordes of these foul creatures. This morning, the citizens of Hawthorne sought refuge inside the fortress walls, as the walking dead spread terror in the outlying area. Near the Darkan border in Tintar, another undead horde appeared, and peasants in Agnilar reported similar events. The REAF responded quickly, and the hordes in Hawthorne and Agnilar were swiftly destroyed. However, the horde in Tintar is still at large, and eyewitnesses report that their victims have been raised again, and are now strengthening the hellish beasts. Reports from outside Eston speak of even more undead.

And as if the walking dead were not enough, massive hordes of monsters are rampaging other provinces of Eston. Dozens of peasants were killed, and many animals were slaughtered. High Marshal Basil Ariston himself has assumed command of the hunting parties. May he and his armies deal swift retaliation against these vile beasts.

Tara challenges Falasan

by Francisco Pizarro

February 1st - Late this afternoon, Dictator Jonathon of Tara issued a declaration of war against King Tank of Falasan. Initially, there was some confusion, as it was uncertain if this was a real challenge, or just a means of facilitating possible region transfers. But upon reading a copy of the Tara Times, all doubts were removed. The Tarans mean business, and this reporter wishes them the strength to conquer the deceitful Falasani.

Heroic stand in Belegmon

by Francisco Pizarro

January 27th - Today, Eston mourns the deaths of two of its greatest heroes. Today, Sly Black Feather, the Count of Malor and Beziel Vlakider, Marshal of the Eston Counter Assault Forces and former Arch Priest of Eston, fell during the defense of Belegmon. Both gave their lives in order to achieve victory, as the Estonites repelled the Falasani attack. Losses on both sides were heavy, as hundreds soldiers were killed and countless more wounded. For more details about the battle, read the article.

Beziel and Sly will forever be remembered as heroes in Eston. May their deaths bring glory to the Crown.

Royal Armed Forces march forward!

by Francisco Pizarro

January 25th - At dawn this morning, under authority of High Marshal Basil Ariston, Supreme Commander of the Royal Estonite Armed Forces, Estonite troops have assaulted Falasani positions in Nazia and Belegmon. Caught by surprise, the defenders were powerless, and easily overrun. Eston now holds the field in both provinces, and are within striking distance of Barad Falas, one of the wealthiest cities in the known world. Due to diplomatic issues, a formal declaration of war has not been issued, but it is merely a formality. As soon as possible, the REAF forces will begin takeovers of Nazia and Belegmon.

An official reason for the aggression has not yet been given, but it is a public secret that Eston sought retribution for the Falasani 'neutrality' in the Viking Wars, when Queen Cathrine allowed Ithilian troops to assault Eston through Menedor, and for the breach of sovereignty in the conflict between Darka and RedSpan, as Queen Cathrine allowed RedSpaniards to enter Eston without clearance. Even further back in time, during the Hasland Wars, Eston and Falasan were sworn enemies, and Falasan still governs territory stolen from Eston. So it appears that this war will be fought to correct mistakes made in the past.

The Eston Tribune would like to take this opportunity to pledge our support to the brave REAF soldiers. May their swords bring righteous justice to the enemies of Eston!


by Francisco Pizarro

January 24th - As advisor to the Crown, this reporter is privy to information that is deemed too sensitive for 'common ears'. And it just so happens that what I've heard will change the future for many. I cannot say much, as I have sworn secrecy to my King, but I can tell you this: The time of peace is over. The carrion birds will feast on many men, the rivers will run red with blood, the fields will be sown with corpses. Cities will burn, realms will be brought on the brink of destruction... or worse. The war between Norland and Minas Ithil will pale in comparison with what will come.

Ready yourselves, nobles of Atamara. Don your armor, polish your blades and string your bows, put on your meanest warface, and prepare for bloodshed!

A new era

by Francisco Pizarro

January 23rd - Atamara appears to stand on the brink of a new era of war. The fragile world peace only lasted a short time, as tensions between former enemies remained high even after the weapons had been laid down. Several states were in a de-jure state of war with former enemies, others glared at eachother with hate and belligerence, waiting for an excuse to draw blood. Eventually, the die was cast by the Vikings of Norland, who declared war on their once-ally Minas Ithil, for reasons which remain obscure for the time being. Newly elected Prime Minister Derack the Daring issued the following statement after the declaration of war:

Rulers of Atamara,

A thing is happening in the North. The Way of the Hammer has spoken to us, and delivered a message. A message that the land has fallen into dishonor. Norland has been directed by its gods, its way of life, its very being to reclaim the ancient lands of Hasland and old Norland. On this day, Norland decrees a holy war on Minas Ithil. For the lands it inhabits, belong to the North. A place of honor and glory. The third age of Norland begins, today.

Comment on this 'holy war' have been scarce, but the Estonites seem to be supportive of Norlands cause. Minas Ithil is not seen as a trustworthy neighbor by the Estonites, to say the least. Immediately after the declaration of war, High Marshal Basil ordered all military personnel to rally in Barad Lacirith. The Royal Armed Forces are standing by to move out at a moment's notice.