Eston Tribune/Issue 6

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1 gold Editors: Andrew McKay, Francisco Pizarro

Printed in Massillion

Dec 27, 2006
Bringing you the news hot off the press

A hearty thanks
by Francisco Pizarro

After Duke Logan gracefully hosted the duel of swords between Raziel2 and Dead Angel WG, Minas Ithil has responded in a most disrespectful manner. Although Raziel2 won his first duel, seriously wounding Dead Angel WG, Renquest stepped up to rise to the challenge. Renquest proved to be the better swordsman, and Raziel2 was not shown any mercy. He was killed by the Ashlantean knight. Afterwards Eric, an Ithilian infiltrator, swore to avenge Raziel2 by "burning Barad Lacirith to the ground". Twelve guards were murdered by this criminal before he attacked a Dame of Eston. Constance was severely injured by the assassin's dagger. The Ithilian guests in Barad Lacirith have not yet responded to these criminal acts. And so, another display of Ithilian cowardice has been demonstrated today. First, they lack the courage to defend their so-called honor, and now they attack defenseless Estonites because one of their men was stupidly overconfident. These people are not worthy of our friendship. They deserve to taste Estonite steel!

Festive tournament

For the second time in a short period, the city of Hawthorne is bristling with foreign nobles, who will compete for the titles of best swordsman and best jouster of Atamara. With the prize money for first place in both events set at a handsome nine hundred gold coins, the current tournament has already attracted twice as many competitors as the last Estonite tournament. After his defeat against Eston's own Kealan in the last tournament, DrSceptre of the Barony of Makar will be eager to reclaim his title from the Count of Melias. In the swordfighting, the competition is wide open. Sir Renquest, the Ashlantean who killed Raziel2 in a duel a week ago, is the favorite, but with many nobles displaying their excellent swordfighting skills, this reporter will refrain from making bets on best swordfighter of Atamara. But as a true Estonite, I'm hoping that Duke Logan Targen of Barad Lacirith takes home the prize money. May the best men or women win!