Eston Tribune/Issue 4

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1 gold Editors: Marouane Barghouti, Andrew McKay

Printed in Massillion

Jan 11, 2006
Bringing you the news hot off the press

Triple Alliance defeated in Ashmoor
Yesterday at dawn, troops from Norland and the Barony of Makar laucnhed an offensive on Ashmoor, currently being taken over by Eston. The Vikings were joined by an Ashlantean cavalry detachment, led by King Doc's Revenge. Eston and Talerium had set up fortified positions near the border with Brackhead. The allied defenders had set up a double defensive line, with archer and artillery support. The attackers had chosen for an offensive strategy with infantry up front and an infantry charge. The defending archers wreaked havoc amongst the Vikings and Ashlanteans, killing many even before they reached their opponents.

The double defense strategy paid off, as the invaders that managed to break through the frontlines were met by an even stronger line of swords, bows and cannons. They were succesfully divided and conquered, and many Nobles were captured or wounded. With every round of close combat, more and more units were either wiped out or driven off the battlefield, and the defenders started pushing their opponents back, wounding and capturing more enemies as they went. Finally, the Viking forces were reduced to one archer unit, which was quickly destroyed by Estonite and Talerian forces.

The victory tasted even better when reports showed that the Vikings had failed to disrupt the takeover of Ashmoor.

Ash Sea Islands join forces with Vikings

Scout reports of Brackhead showed that there was a detachment of Ashlantean cavalry units in the Norlandic capital. Their intentions became clear, as Eston High Command received word from the Ashlantean government that King Doc's Revenge himself would be leading support troops to Brackhead. The Ash Sea Islands had indicated that they were not pleased with Talerian support, as the two realms had been locked in a brutal war in the past. Therefor the Talerian support in Ashmoor was a perfect excuse for the Ashlanteans to get involved.

Marshal Marouane of the Massillion Army released word that neither he himself nor the Eston High Command would be intimidated by the Ashlantean provocation, and Eston continued its efforts in the takeover of Ashmoor. Talerium stands its ground as well, which furthers the chances that the Ash Sea Islands will be actively involved in the conflict.

Ashmoor under Eston banner, peace talks begin

As of this morning, the region of Ashmoor is under control of the Kingdom. The takeover was completed, and Eston patrols have captured and executed many insurgents, effectively crushing any possible uprisings. Eston and Talerium immediately manned the walls and dealt with a small band of enemy units, which were quickly destroyed. With Ashmoor under control, Eston can now begin with peace talks. It is but the question if they will be succesful, as Eston and Norland have different views on possible peace terms.

More information as it becomes available.