Eston Tribune/Issue 2

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1 gold Editors: Marouane Barghouti, Andrew McKay

Printed in Massillion

Dec 24, 2005
Bringing you the news hot off the press

Norland and Barony of Makar humiliated in Belegrond
Today at sunset, the combined forces of Norland and Barony of Makar launched an attack on the Eston mountain stronghold of Belegrond. They brought an army almost double in size and strength to the defending forces, and aimed to break through the walls using siege engines. But thing didn't go as planned for Derack the Daring, commander of the attacking army. Perhaps Derack the Feeble would suit him better, as he failed to defeat the brave Royal Army of Eston, and was wounded in the process. Amongst other wounded attackers are Sordnaz, Dictator of Barony of Makar, and Gorhero, Marshal of the Army of Makar.

The defenders were led by Christofer Kane, a newly appointed marshal with little command experience, who surprised friend and foe with a magnificent display of military might. Against overwhelming odds, the defenders stood their grounds and repelled the invaders from the walls time and time again. The few Vikings that managed to set foot on the walls were disposed of quickly, and after five hours of brutal combat, Eston emerged victorious from the fray.

With the Elost raiders arriving over the next few turns, Belegrond is once again secured from attacks, and the question remains if Eston will give their enemies time to recover from this humiliating defeat, or if they will counter immediately with more raids on Norland's turf.

More news as it becomes available.

Eston raids Norland mountain regions

Over the past few days, the combined forces of the Duchies of Barad Lacirith, Barad Riel and Massillion have engaged on a marauding spree in the Norland mountains. Minutes after securing the region of Elost and defeating the enemy, reports came in of Eston troops committing armed robberies on tax collectors and wealthy nobles. Upon stealing hundreds of gold pieces, the marauders set out to Moramroth, and after two battles, secured the vast mountain. The tax coffers were spared however, as urgent news of Viking light brigades planning an attack on the Thanatos Fortress in Belegrond forced the Eston troops to set out to aid their comrades in combat. Rumour has it that the Estonites will return to finish what they started soon.

Betrayal in Eston

After a short intenal struggle with the House of Kell, a band of insubordinates, in the realm of Eston, three troop leaders cowardly betrayed their Kingdom and defected to the Republic of Norland. The traitors are CJ Powell, Greybeard Gray and Xena of the Warrior Woman family. They have been declared renegades, and a reward has been promised to the troop leaders who defeat either one of the traitors in a duel. Furthermore, should any of the traitors be captured in battle, they will face the ultimate penalty.

Marshal Marouane of the Massillion Army stated the following: "Any and all troop leaders who betray the Kingdom will face the same fate eventually. They have to be lucky all the time, we only have to be lucky once. Should any one of them fall into our hands, their fate is sealed."