Eston/The Viking Wars

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War with Norland

While the bulk of the Eston army was aiding allies in a distant land, a week's travels from Eston's borders, Norland decided to attack Eston, claiming Eston had not delivered what they promised. Shortly thereafter, the regions of Ashmoor, Fiddleford, Elost, and Moramroth fell to enemy forces. After many months of fighting, with civilian and military losses on both sides running in the thousands, and ownership of Moramroth, Fiddleford, Ashmoor and Belegrond being exchanged many times, Eston was able to liberate the regions of Fiddleford and Ashmoor with the help of our allies, Talerium. A small detachment of Ashlanteans fought alongside the Vikings in Ashmoor. Shortly thereafter, Eston's old friends of Minas Ithil declared war, most likely because of the Talerian aid. Eston now faced the combined forces of three realms at its doorstep, and even though Eston and Talerium emerged victorious from most field battles, the war began to turn in favor of the Vikings. Despite convincing victories in Barad Riel, Amdor, Saradic and Fiddleford, the enemies of Eston grew stronger, and the constant threat of looting grew larger. After a brutal marauding raid in Eston's heartland, in which hundreds of civilians died and countless workshops, farms and sawmills were destroyed, Eston found itself cornered. And with Talerium requiring long refitting runs, Eston often faced its enemies alone. Things were indeed looking grim for Eston, but nobody could have imagined that the coup de gras would be delivered by one of Eston's own...

Kahooli's Madness

After the looting raid, Eston faced a difficult time. With a large part of its economy simply destroyed, Eston could no longer field her renowned armies. It was then that tragedy struck. Willy, the former Queen of Eston, was discovered to have contacted an unknown infiltrator in order to have Christofer, the new Arch Priest of Eston, assassinated, so that she could usurp his position. Surprisingly, it was one of Eston's enemies who reported this horrific plan. None other than Gandor, Grand Justiciar of Norland. After this plot was uncovered, Eston's High Council was split right in the middle. Arch Priest Christofer had fined willy an immense amount of gold after she refused to leave the Kingdom. Kahooli, Duke of Massillion and former King and High Marshal of Eston, one of Eston's most renowned warriors, reacted by secceeding his duchy. To nobody's surprise, willy immediately sought refuge in the newly founded Democracy. Kahooli's act of high treason was the final nail in the coffin, and Eston found itself forced to sign a peace treaty with Norland and the Barony. The city of Barad Riel was handed over to Norland, and Eston now turned to face an unlikely enemy. As the Vikings rallied to establish a firm foothold in Barad Riel, the armies of Eston marched to the forests of Massillion. Agnilar was quickly taken, and after a long takeover, Malor was brought back to the Kingdom as well. Meanwhile, Estonite patrols managed to capture Kahooli, and the traitor was jailed in Hawthorne, awaiting his trial. With Massillion reduced to one city and one woodland region, Eston was ready to move onto Massillion City, supported by her old enemies, Norland and the Barony of Makar. After a few hours of combat, the newfound alliance managed to secure the city. Many Massillionites were captured or seriously injured, signaling the end of Massillions chances to survive. Unfortunatly, willy managed to escape with only a minor injury, and after she healed, she cowardly fled southwards. She was last seen in Tintar. A takeover was initiated, but because many Estonites had been in the field for weeks and had to return to the capital, it was thwarted by the citizens, who were apparently still under Kahooli's spell. Kahooli himself was trialed and convicted for high treason, and deported to the Colonies.