Eston/The Falasan Campaign

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Declaration of war

After several Falasani troop leaders had crossed into Eston uninvited, King Andrew finally had enough of their dishonourable ways. First they allowed Ithilian troops to invade Eston through Menedor during the Viking Wars, despite waving claims of neutrality in the conflict. Falasani traders had been suspected of black market trading in Barad Lacirith, and had allowed RedSpaniards into Eston to scout Estons ally Darka. While in itself these events are not entirely evil, the combination of all of them was too much for Eston to go unanswered, and war was declared. The first days of the war were calm, with minor skirmishes on both sides of the border. On January 27th, the first major battle was fought in Belegmon. In a closely contended fight, Eston emerged victorious, with having lost two heroes in the process. The battle of Belegmon was the last major encounter in the first stages of the war, as Eston became victim of a massive undead plague. The war against Falasan became a secondary objective for a few weeks. Once the dead were sent back to their graves, the Royal Estonite Armed Forces turned their attention to Belegmon and Nazia. With the help of Darkan mercenaries, Eston stormed into Nazia and Belegmon while the Falasani and their Ashlantean allies retreated to Barad Falas. After a few days, Nazia and Belegmon were brought under the banner of Eston.