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Rulers of Eston

Eston has had 10 rulers to date. 1 Queen, and 9 Kings.

King Zanthos Bane

King Zanthoswas blamed for the Viking Wars at the time, but during Christofers reign it was discovered that Norland had forged all the documents in order to secure an alliance against Eston, well all but the Barony who actually had a grievance. As soon as that was satisfied they came back to the aid of Eston in the war that ended Norland.

Queen Willy Menehunas

While there is little recorded history about the reign of Queen Willy Menehunas, she is remembered for plotting with former King Kahooli to murder King Andrew.

King Kahooli TithOnanka

King Kahooli TithOnanka's legacy is, like Queen Willy, one of treason and trechery. King Kahooli came into power during the Viking Wars after Queen Willy was held prisoner in IceGate. After the assisination plot was exposed, former King Kahooli, the current Duke of Massillion, offered sanctuary to Willy and seceeded from Eston. His trial was recorded, and it is common belief that these events caused Eston to lose the Viking Wars.

King Andrew McKay

King Andrew was a beloved Monarch who's remembered for his honor and over throwing a corrupt government. The realm was heart broken when King Andrew suddenly died. (OOC: It is believed the player suffered a heart attack)

King Christofer Kane

King Christofer Kane

King Torik Dom

King Torik Dom's vision for Eston was a radical departure from its historical vision which caused an uproar, not only across Eston, but across the continent. King Torik stepped down when he realized the people of Eston would never embrace his vision.

King Major Felony

King Major became so immediately distraught over the petty bickering in the realm that his reign only lasted about two weeks. After those two weeks Major King vanished and was never heard from again.

King Arturis Entreri

King Arturis Entreri reign saw a very successfull war to wipe Minas Ithil off the map. This was stopped short when very suddenly, and without warning, the Darkans poured over the borders and stole the Duchy of Massilion in about a week. Darka claimed that they had evidence of an impeding attack on Darkan lands and they were making a preemptive strike. There is no evidence to support this claim as the majority of Estons forces were all the way across the island in Minas Ithil and no transcripts have ever been produced showing communication between King Arturis and the council entertaining this idead. It is widely believed that Darka saw an opportunity to grab some land and acted. The political situation became so childlike for so long that King Arturis hand picked King Jean to succeed him. King Arturis was responsible for the final destruction of Norland, bringing the Duchy of Barad Riel back into the Eston fold.

King Jean De Bardt

King Jean De Bardt

King Kerwin Perth

King Kerwin Perth is the current King of Eston. His reign started when King Jean stepped down in order to try to avoid war and win support from the Barony if war should break out. The war rages on, nearly two years later, and King Kerwin's has helped make Eston stronger while trying to find an end to the war.