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With the exception of fines,and as noted in the Judges bulletin, all Nobles are entitled to a trial by a jury of Eston Nobles.

Laws for Deportation, Banishment or Death

If any noble is found to have been spying for an enemy either now or in the past he will be banished and if captured he will be put to death.

Any Duke who secedes his duchy without authorization of the crown will be guilty of High Treason and will be either deported or put to death.

Any Noble who participates in a rebellion will be put on trial and may be banished, deported or put to death. The leader of any failed rebellion, after trial, will be put to death.

Laws for Banishment with no Trial

Any Noble found to be a member of the group called "The Blackest Cult" will be banned immediately and with no trial.

This group is contrary to the values that Eston holds dear.

So says the King, So says the Judge, this law is in immediate effect and there will be no appeals.

Laws for fines

Nobles who loot without prior authorization will be fined 50g

Nobles who duel during a time of war, without authorization will have a fine of 50G

Any Noble who, in the opinion of the High Priest, acts rudely during a tournament will be fined 10 gold for the first offense and will be fined larger amounts for each occurrence thereafter.

Religious Laws

List of Regions and religions allowed in them

Illegal Religions

Any priest of illegal religions found in Eston will be arrested on sight.

1. The Blackest Cult
2. Magna Serpaensism

Religions Affiliation Act

Each region lord will decide which religions are allowed with in their regions. Further more each region lord will also decide what actions priests of a religion are allowed to make while in their region. (i.e. they may preach, but can’t build shrines, or they can preach but no lauding etc.). If a priest violates the law set forth by the region lord the following actions will take place: The priest will be arrested if possible, if not the priest will be asked to leave. If he does not comply then the judge of the priest will be contacted and asked to force the priest to leave the region. If the judge does not reply, or the priest performs action that hurt the region then infiltrator will be used to wound the priest.

There are exceptions to what religions the Regions Lords can allow in their regions.

1. Any religions deemed illegal in Eston will not be allowed in any region in Eston. If it is found out that a Region Lord was working with an illegal religion, it will be considered a traitorous act and will be dealt with accordingly.

The following conditions will make a religion illegal in Eston

a. It is being used as a tool to hurt Eston by our enemies

b. It attempts to spread evil or unmoral ideas

c. It attempts to harm Eston or her regions in any way

2. Any religion that its followers attack a friendly priest in a region of Eston will be asked to leave until it has been proven such an incident won’t happen again. It should also be noted that to be allowed in Eston a religion has to have all of Eston’s religions set to at least misguided.

3. Any official religions of Eston cannot be barred from any of Eston’s Regions nor can they be prohibited from preaching in Eston's regions. The exception is that if the followers of the religion attack a priest of a friendly religion in the region they can be barred from the region until they have proven they can keep their followers under control. To be an official religion of Eston it has to do the following (Eston can and will have more then one official religion)

a. It has to be founded in Eston

b. It cannot spread evil or immoral ideas

c. It has to submit an outline of its beliefs to the Arch Priest of Eston, which will be brought before the Realm council for approval.

Each region lord will be required to submit to the Arch Priest which religions are allowed in their regions and what actions can be taken by the priest in their region, then he will enter them into the law books of Eston (ooc: or you can just add your region to the wiki. As of now the wiki hasn’t been set up though). If a region lord takes no action towards announcing what religions they will allow in their region then it will be assumed that none but the Eston religions are allowed in their region. What is listed in the law books of Eston (the wiki) are what religions will be included or excluded, if the Lord would like to include or exclude additional religions then the law books must be updated for this to go into effect.

Specific Laws

Region Lord Responsibility and Accountability

As we all know when a noble is given a region, they are also given certain responsibilities that they are expected to uphold. This law will outline the actions taken against Region Lords who fail at this responsibility.

Region Maintenance-

Routine Maintenance is performed by the bureaucrats, but when region stats start to drop among several Regions at once bureaucrats need the help of the region lords to keep up with region maintenance. And if control drops the region lords are the most effective at bringing it back up. The marshal leading the bureaucrats will send a message to the Lord when they are needed in their region to help with region maintenance. If a Lord ignores their region, or the request of the bureaucrats repeatedly a lord is neglecting his region and responsibilities.

Region neglect-

If a lord is found to be neglecting his region he first will be sent a warning, and if he still continues to neglect his region a new Lord will be found for the region. To find out if a Lord is neglecting his region, the issue will be brought before the Realm council who will decide if action needs to be taken against the Lord.

Examples of Neglect would be choosing to stay on the front lines to fight instead of caring for his region when the stats begin to fall.

Or a lord refusing or failing to go to his region after it has been ravaged by undead.

Also if a Lord ignores an order by the Realm council to return to their region for region maintenance then the Lord will be considered to be neglecting their region.

A Lord is expected to put the need of his region before the glory of battle except in situations where homeland of Eston herself is in danger.

Severe Neglect

Severe neglect is when a Region Lord ignores his region to the point that region stats are extremely low and/or the region starts to revolt. If a region goes rogue, or the low stats harm Eston in anyway then not only will the Lord loose his region (or if it goes rogue he can't get it back) there will also be an additional punishment as decided by the Arch Priest.

Situation that are out of the Lords hand's such as looting, undead/monsters and acts of gods will not be held against a region Lord, but not returning to their region as soon as he can to help restore his region is an act of neglect.

The be exemption from this is when the defense of Eston is at stake and every man is needed on the front lines, the example of this would be the recent battle in Anost.

But it should be said that a region Lord who takes care of his region, sets estates and spends money on improvements is showing the leadership of Eston that they have potential, and such things are noted when it comes time to find nobles for higher positions. A Lord should not look at a region as a source of income, but instead as an opportunity to prove yourself to Eston.

The Law of Honor Part 1

To address the problem of the clear disrespect that others have shown each other in this realm. The King has asked me to draw up a document that explains what will happen if disrespect is shown to a fellow realm mate. The lower a person is in the ranks the more respect they are to show their superiors. Here are the ranks from highest to the lowest in this realm.

1) King
2) Royal Council (which consists of the General, the Banker and the Judge along with of course the King)
3) Duke/Duchess and Royal
4) Marquis/Marchioness
5) Count/Countess
6) Baron/Baroness
7) Knight
8) Noble

When a realm mate of higher rank feels he or she has been disrespected or insulted by a another realm mate of lessor rank he or she will file a complaint with the Royal Council instead of calling foul to the entire realm. The royal council will discuss this together and decide whether a fine is in order or not. In the case of a Royal council member filing the complaint, or having a complaint filed against them, they may not participate in the discussions nor vote on the guilt/innocence of the accused. In the case of the King/Queen they have the power to order a fine without discussions however they can bring their grievances to the council for discussions if they wish.

That does not mean that realm mates of a higher rank can insult or disrespect realm mates of a lower rank, for they shall be held up to a higher standard. If any one has cause to file a complaint then they are welcomed to do so. Everyone will be treated fairly. No one will be able to get away with disrespecting or insulting each other. It does not matter your rank or social status in this realm

In the case that a person does not want to file a complaint then they will not bring the accusation to the entire realm. If they do they may receive a fine themselves for disrespecting the realm by bringing the accusations to the realm as a whole. But if you have a grievance with a realm mate then bring it to the Royal council and they will decide what to do about the supposed disrespect or insult that was shown or given.

The person that brings the complaint will provide evidence of the disrespect or the insult that was directed to them so the Royal council can decide if the complaint is valid.

A fine may be issued if the complaint is found to be valid.

Any OOC violations will receive an OOC warning then an OOC ban from the ruler.