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Duchies of Eston

Duchy of Hawthorne

Eston's breadbasket, and the center of power. The duchy of Hawthorne was ravaged during the Viking War, suffering from a number of bloody raids. Saradic still bears the scars of years of bloody conflict. More than half the region's population was either killed by enemies, or died of starvation afterwards. After peace was achieved, the duchy started rebuilding, and it became the seat of power it had been before.

Nearly half of the kingdom's food is provided by Slantrax, Saradic and Melias, making them a vital link in the supply lines. Although not wealthy in terms of gold, the duchy of Hawthorne is arguably the most important of the three Estonite duchies, both for its food, and its seat of power, the capital of Eston located in Hawthorne.

With the loss of the Duchy of Massillion, the region of Agnilar joined the Duchy of Hawethorne. This has brought a second stretch of considerable woodland into the duchy, raising the amount of logging and fresh game being sent to the city.

Duchy of Barad Lacirith

The wealthiest of the three Estonite duchies. The regions along the shores of the Central Lake have benefited greatly from their strategic position. Traders from the East often visit Barad Lacirith, selling exotic foods and spices, as well as other luxury goods, which are then sold to Atamaran traders on the markets, or shipped to the rest of Eston. Amdor and Anost are bridges to the southern realms, and have made a fortune from passing traders. Meneriel and Dondor provide the city with much needed food.

But with wealth comes envy, and the duchy became a target for the Ithilian kings, who used the Viking War as means of expanding his own realm. Amdor fell to the invaders, and seemed lost. However, through diplomatic pressure from the newly established Northern Federation, an alliance of former blood rivals, Amdor was brought back under the Estonite banner.

Like Agnilar, the loss of the Massillion duchy caused a shuffling of remaining regions to the neighboring duchies. Barad Lacirith gained the region of Nazamroth, bringing a further source of grain pouring into the duchy.

Duchy of Belegrond

A new duchy, formed in the first months of 1009 of the stronghold of Belegrond and the mountainous region of Moramroth. Previously of Norland ownership, the duchy is settling itself into the Eston realm and is quite small in comparison to the other duchies of Eston. The small stretch of plains to the west of the Belegrond's walls provide much of the food for the duchy, while the smiths and stonecutters of the stronghold turn ores and good stone mined from neighboring Moramroth into usable goods.

Duchy of Massillion [Defunct]

The former home of Eston's elite fighting forces. The duchy of Massillion, surrounded by vast forested areas, was never been able to gain great wealth or political power, so the Massillionites sought after other ways to establish their worth. The city of Massillion provided the strongest infantry and cavalry in all of Eston, and the other regions of the duchy were home of some of the other elite recruits.

Massillion's history was a turbulent one, and her Dukes often had only a short rule. The last Duke, Sir Basil Ariston, took power after the previous Duke died of a mysterious illness. Before him, other Dukes have been appointed and ousted over accusations of treason.

The Darkan invasion of 1009 resulted in the loss of the duchy's seat of power and two of its regions (Tintar and Malor) to the attacking realm. Despite a valiant defense and a brave strike deep into Darkan territory, the brief war came to a negotiated peace treaty cum hiring agreement. In exchange for the captured territory and a monetary payment, Darka was brought into the existing war with Norland.

Duchies and Regions of Eston
Duchy of Hawthorne

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Duchy of Barad Lacirith

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Duchy of Belegrond

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