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Eleador, the land against odds

Eleador, as many think, was formed when Sirion underwent a massive shift. Born of two regions, Ustimbar and Rollbar, Eleador was in perpetual Upheaval, until a fellow known as Scott Raven arrived. When he set food on the lands, he instantly realized, he had a hard project to work with. With a hostile army to the south and the side, Scott decided to play one side against the other, and see who would be a better ally. Sirion offered to simply not destroy them, and with help, would start working to get more land. Coimbra and Fontan, simply said they would attack, and try to get us help....seeing how deep Coimbra and Fontan were from Rollbar, Scott made the first pact with Sirion...and started the march south.

The first major engagements occurred, as Eleadorian soldiers fought near Obando, and Dale, working the border south. The soldiers also acted as backline, in case a division or two of Oligarchians broke through Sirion's frontlines. This plan worked well, as Rantangua, Eleador, and Sirion slowly pushed the lines south.


As the wars slowly merged into one large running conflict, Omsk slowly fell, finally surrendering into time. With her one ally gone, Oligarch started fighting 3 allies at any one time, they sought help from Perdan, the large military dictatorship, that was presently neutral. After Oligarch lost their capital city, and had been reduced to 4 regions, Perdan's forces swarm over the river, and started fighting the Sirion armies. At this time, we also had an East Sirion, a West Sirion, and Eleador was at it's apex, of 14 regions. However, two things happened, that caused the frontlines to destablize. First of all, was Perdan's attack....for the longest time, they remained idle....and we thought all was fine....next thing, close to 40 troop commanders stormed the lines, heading north....overrunning several key locations. The other, was the Betrayal, of Rantangua. Beleiveing in a heretic priest, Humblur, Rantangua left the Sirion armies with their forces, and abandonded our troops in the open field....We had reason to believe Humblur prayed to a gold God, but that was a moot point. As battles progressed, and W.Sirion started to lose regions, a choice was made, to keep them alive, by moving their capital to Avamar, as well, to dissolve E.Sirion, back into Sirion proper...about this time, Oligarch City, was dropped into our hands. Less than a week after this happened, and with some bad timing, it was taken back by Oligarch.

Shortly, region by region, Eleador started a long retreat. In the trade to get more frontline actions, our capitals moved from Rollbar, to Ashforth and then to Dale.

The final years

After Oligarch sent a massive force to wrest Ashforth from Eleador control, Eleador entered a state of peace with all it's neighbors for a time. During this time great strides were made by those Eleador nobles still remaining on behalf of the common folk of the realm. So much so that bordering regions soon began to abandon their previous realms and joins with Eleador, including regions of Rancagua, Old Rancagua and Sirion. Through no fault of their own Eleador soon found themselves at odds with their once allies. These allies soon came to resent Eleador and demanded that end their peaceful status and pick a side in the great war.

Kazidi La (then king of Eleador) entered a long slow process of negotiation with all Eleador's neighbors to try to find someone offering more than 'We won't utterly kill you if you join us' terms for Eleador's alliance. It seemed that Oligarch's offer of a city and 3 regions would be the best bid but before the deal could go through, Kazidi La was forced to leave on a spiritual retreat.

At this time a dark elvish member of Eleador by the name of moe used his seniority in the realm to gain the throne and the position of High Priest and immediately turned all Kazidi La's dealings on their ear, destroying Kazidi La's hard work and joined Eleador with his elven bretheren in Sirion. This did not go over well with the other nobles of Eleador who immediately set about throwing this traitor out of his ill gotten positions. Unfortunately the damage was already done and Eleador soon met it's demise at the hands of Sirion and Old Rancagua who had been raiding Eleador lands and were poised already to take over her remaining regions.