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Oligarch is a city located in the central region of the East Island. One of the oldest cities in the world, Oligarch had a rich history of architecture, learning and the arts. Many of these ancient treasures were lost upon the fall of Oligarch, in the closing days of the Great War. The city is famous for many things, but chief among them is statues and sculptors. Most famous of all the old works is the remaining stone dogs that guard the oldest buildings of Oligarch, carved so well they seem alive. The city's food and resources are provided by nearby rural regions.

In modern times, the city was elevated to prominence once again as the capital of Castle Fane.

Description According to Elven Lore

Old History: This massive city was once home to an ancient Civilization that was both brutal, and fierce. Eventually they wiped each other out, and we saw their demise from the dense fogs surrounding the Elven Republic. Many decades passed, and the city lay dormant and in ruin--until Humans arrived.

Founding: The City was rebuilt by an even more brutal clan, and called their nation the Oligarch since it revolved around the strongest and most wealthy ruling the others. We cared little for them, assuming they would self-destruct , but they did not. Instead they tore apart the lands, and built massive armies and tools of war. The Elves became worried that these barbaric, grotesquely large and ugly man-beasts, would actually pose a threat to the peaceful Republic. After numerous attempts at diplomacy, our instincts proved true and the "orcs" as we called them, invaded.

Modern History: Oligarch City fell twice. The first time it fell it went to our confederate state, W.Sirion. But to no avail, the tides of war turned, and twisted, and through a series of tactical errors/betrayals the city fell back to the Oligarchians that we should have wiped out from the start. Like the tough pests that they were, they quickly multiplied/rebuilt and invaded us once more. However, with the help of a newly created Northern Federation, we stopped their war machine, and liberated the city once again--permanently this time we hope. The fall of Oligarch City proved a pivotal moment as it allowed former Prime Minister Doc (whom had been ruler of Sirion since anyone could remember) the ability to finally retire, thus fulfilling his promise of wiping out all of Sirion's threats, and being rewarded as the new Duke of the City the allied armies destroyed.

Today: The City has never been as large, prosperous or beautiful. Boasting several faiths, preachings in the streets are common place. A great doughnut bakery sits at the heart of the city, next to the Duke's Hemp Cafe. The city has had a lot of "green" imported from the heart of the Republic, and every major technological improvement imaginable has been done over the years. This city, a bustling center of trade, peace and prosperity, is truely a born again region. Nothing of its ancient inhabitants and primitive technologies exist. All was burned down to rubble, and rebuilt, from scratch, thus giving the people hope and true faith in this new era of peace.

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Description According to Human Lore

The city of Oligarch has a storied and tempestuous history. Ancient elven lore tells of the origin of Oligarch as a massive city built by brutal clannish orcs, and the lore continues to describe several major wars between the elves and the orcs until the ultimate victory of the elves. The elves leveled the city and rebuilt it anew, erasing its horrid association with the orcs. Centuries passed and the city was eventually inhabited by men.

Oligarch now stands at the centre of the East Continent as a testament to glory, martial valour and sacred piety. Its streets are bustling and vibrant, its people are secure, and they are as proud of their heritage as they are optimistic about their future.

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Regional Information

  • Investment Cost: 670 ~ 800 gold