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To separate the invasion in Beluaterra from a possible one on the East Continent, I believe a new page should be made. Well, this is it...

The invaders

As of yet, eight undead heroes have surfaced. Odd is the fact that they have different followers: Some have undead, yet others have monsters. Here are the currently known leaders and their type of followers:


Their spawn


The green regions indicate the regions where the invaders have spawned. The spawn seems to have no true meaning. Apparently random. New spawns seem to target the midland a lot. Around Caligus.

Their current status


The darkest green indicates the place they currently reside in, lighter green are the regions they have crossed, and the green in between are the regions they spawned from. No clear movement towards each other. Note that most are already wounded, and at least one has been captured.


They speak in an odd tongue. Initial attempts to decipher them were found to be incorrect, and the messages remain incomprehensible. A detail worth noticing: the undead and monster heroes seem to repeat the same message over and over again.

Other (possibly related) sightings

Please add if you have information:

  • An undead horde of 30 undead warriors in Partora.
  • A monster tribe of 6 monsters ogres in Perdan Mines.
  • An undead horde of 25 undead soldiers in Tokat.
  • An undead horde of 52 undead swordmen in Bescanon.

Other information

Known Messages


The invasion has ended, with the unknown forces disappearing again.

Meta information: Every realm was hit with the same amount of troops in relation to its own strength. Every effort was made that the "invasion" does not change the power balance of the island. --Tom 13:20, 25 June 2007 (CEST)