East Continent/Eldoret Range

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The Eldoret Range is the largest and tallest mountain range on the East Island. The Eldoret Range is located in the center of the island, north of the Isadril Mountains, and southwest of the Akesh Mountains. Castle Ubent, the former capital of the lost realm of Ubent, is nestled in the foothills on the southern edge of the Eldoret Range, which is now controlled by Perdan. To the north lies Partora, the capital of Perdan. Strangely enough, no major rivers have their source in these mountains.

The Eldoret Range encompasses the following regions:

  • Eldoret
  • Bursa - This region was the birthplace of Sagarmathism, a religion that was once spread throughout the Eldoret Range. It fell into obscurity and disappeared after the fall of Ubent.
  • Moyale - This region encompasses some of the southern foothills of the Eldoret Range.