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The contents of this page are not readily available to everyone, either because it is sensitive or because it is rare or otherwise little known knowledge. It is here for the purpose of archiving or making it more accessible to a certain audience, and this should be kept in mind while reading the contents of this page and all it's subpages.
In short, the contents of this page are to be considered OOC knowledge, except for characters who who have paid the tuition to Dwilight University and become students or higher. This same restriction applies to all subpages..

The first Dean of Military Studies was Sejieda Vita.

There is no Dean of Military Studies presently. The Student of Deans is approving essays until one is chosen(by the Executor and fellow deans).

To be Evaluated



No awards have been given out as of yet.


  • Sejieda Doctrine Letters - Sejieda Vita
    • A series of letters written on formations and marshal settings along with how a marshal should conduct one's army.
  • Preserving Military Equipment and Morale - Greg Tarr
    • An essay of the various situations a commander must consider with regard to military equipment and morale. Greg wishes that this become a chapter in the Commander's Field Guide and other chapters are contributed by other members of Dwilight University.
  • Battle in Bohai : Xinhai vs The Libero Empire - Greg Tarr
    • An essay analyzing the battle in Bohai in mid November 2009 between Xinhai and Libero Empire.
  • A General's Role in War - Sejieda Vita
    • An essay detailing the purpose of a general in war, in relation to marshals and the purposes and goals of war.
  • Army settings and field strategy against rogue creatures - Zajar Essenhorn
    • Allow this old warhorse to ramble a moment about some of the nuances of warfare. Especially in our case, when doing battle versus monsters and the undead, different rules of combat apply. I have read the battle reports that came in, and I feel there is room for improvement.