Dwilight University/History/The Second Occidental War/War Ends Between Terran and Kabrinskia

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Terran and Kabrinskia End War!

Sources include Lord Samos Mithridates and Grand Rab Julius Galvez.

The "first theatre" of the Second Occidental War ended when Grandmistress Allison Kabrinski agreed to resign from her position and move to Terran. I do not have a specific date for this event, but it had to have been by the Long Winter of 19 YD (the date of this article's writing). The events leading up to her resignation was a controlled war between Terran and its allies (Asylon, Barca and possibly D'Hara) and Kabrinskia.

During the war, King Glaumring of Asylon, according to his former allies, overstepped the boundaries set out during the war and combated Kabrinskia more aggressively. Asylon was only to act as defense for Terran during the war. King Glaumring took his army and invaded Kabrinskian soil causing Kabrinskia's allies, Astrum and Iashalur, to enter the war in her defence. Facts for this phase of the war, the "second theatre," will be collected for another article.

Bowie Ironsides,

Long Winter of 19 YD (or the 25th of July, 2012)