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The Dynamics of the Nifel Peninsula

I wish for this piece to foster an understanding and appreciation of the fascinating dynamics of the Nifel Peninsula. The status and position of these realms was one of the reasons I was attracted to this region and sought to make a home of it. The characteristics described below belong to both the rulers I spoke with and the people I observed, and though I cannot pinpoint every detail pertaining to every noble and their expressions, I feel this generalization is sufficient for the purpose I set out to record. Primarily, I have Arkh-Kommandant Sextus Severus of the Scipii, King Joash Hamarson, The Esteemed Lord Sigrun Lurdigala, whose proper title I can’t pronounce, and Mistress Haruka Vanimedle' to thank for this piece, as well as, of course, the nobles of Summerdale and Thulsoma whom I spent quality time with.

The Realms of Northnastrond

From west to east, Northnastrond is composed of Averoth, Summerdale, and Thulsoma. Without further analysis, it is easy to assume these realms are generally the same and are allies due to the geography. From first hand experience, that notion is furthest from the truth. In fact, I have learned that between these three realms exists such vast distinctness and diversity that they are in some cases total opposites. It is by this truth that I have come to essentially know the Nifel Peninsula.


Averoth has been described as the most developed realm of Northnastrond. Characteristically, they are mercantile, militaristic, and stately. They conduct trading with other realms and are tolerant of religions and foreign culture. Although they are irreligious, they tend to distrust Torenism and Astromancy due to a conflict that injured their capital in the past. Their government is a tyranny, but they regard themselves as a “freestate.” They possess a culture and a recorded history derived from their fortified capital Valkyrja and its island. The Averothians are warriors who proudly and fiercely defend their realm.


Summerdale has been described as the most underdeveloped realm of Northnastrond. They are progressive, traditionalist, positive, and open society. They are a monarchy who retains the essence of the fallen realm of Springdale, though I sense that they are emerging as their own dignified power. From what I have seen, the Dalians are not overly zealous, but there is the presence of Astromancy. Much like other monarchies, they prize loyalty, commitment, and dedication to the realm and its community. Militarily, they field one army to handle any threat. If I can criticize them for one thing it is that they do not emphasis the development of their economy enough. They say it is due to the low population and skim tax income, which, as a progressive realm will gradually enhance, but some effort in this field early on will help resolve their issues later. I suppose they get the most honest summary since they are the realm I presently inhabit. There are few things more embarrassing then airing dirty laundry.


In an earlier article I captured the gist of this realm, but for the sake of completion I will include another brief summary anyway. Thulsoma is an isolationist, conservative, self-sufficient, and fanatical theocracy who are currently making their name as strong warriors against larger armies. They are an exclusive realm closed to foreigners, they guard their religion and culture obsessively, and any trivial comment may easily offend them. A bit gothic for my liking, their land is deliberately frightening. I guess living in those weather conditions, with the storms and the cold, will affect a person’s moral disposition. Their identity is rooted in an ancient ethnicity which is also where they gathered their revived religion. Warped by constant contact with death and torture, the Thulsomites worship Hrēdmōnath with devotion even deeper than the most zealous Astromancer.

The Triumvirate of Tyrannies

Even further fascinating than the composition of these realms is the way in which they view and interact with each other. Each of them firmly upholds their independence and is self-contained, but they will rally together against common enemies such as the Monster Scourge or foreign invaders. They assert that their cultures, identities, government styles, economic levels, military orders, and goals are as different as day and night, but the only real friction I could think of that would cause serious issues is religion. The other matters, despite what the Thulsomites say, can be compromised for security and preservation. Religions, I have learned, are above ordinary concerns and are therefore counter to the pursuit of security and preservation.

From what I have gathered, the realms of Northnastrond relate to each other as siblings. The parent they share is the land, while each has a distinct personality and ambition. They compete, but frequently share and cooperate. No doubt all of them would be offended by my analogy, but it is fitting nonetheless.

With mutual diplomacy and justice across the peninsula and the island, the realms of Northnastrond have developed solid alliances with each other. Beyond that, they will persist in their designated little spaces.

Bowie Ironsides,

Spring of 11 YD (or the 26th of August, 2010)