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The Collapse of Hrēdmōnath and the Entrance of Averoth as ally of Thulsoma

Once again, I must thank Mistress Haruka Vanimedle and Grandmaster Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico for their excellent cooperation, and also Arkh-Kommandant Sextus Severus of the Scipii whose speech to the Rulers of Dwilight was a major source of this work.

The Collapse of Hrēdmōnath

During the siege of Storms Keep in the Summer of 13 YD, while the Astromancer Hegemony was tearing down the citadel walls, which was at one point the strongest on the continent (lvl 7), they also targeted the final temple of Hrēdmōnath. The combined forces of the Hegemony completed their crusade to remove the Saxon religion from Dwilight. They are now in the process of ending the realm too.

Averoth Joins the War

After the siege of Storms Keep, the heavy losses of the Saxons and their irrecoverable stronghold led them to reach out to their Northnastrondian allies for help. Averoth responded by sending an army to successfully defend the stronghold against the Hegemony.

The reasons for entering the war on behalf of Thulsoma according to Arkh-Kommandant Sextus Severus of the Scipii are as follows. First, the Averothites felt the war against Thulsoma was unjust. The Arkh-Kommandant cited the issues of religious persecution, peasant massacring, and the overwhelming forces against the solo Saxon duchy. Though both sides of the conflict can be criticized for their behaviour – the Saxons for torture and execution, the Astromancers for religious uprisings and massacres - the Arkh-Kommandant accused the Hegemony of excessive violence on behalf of religion. Second, the Arkh-Kommandant upheld the notion of defending Northnastrond from foreign expansion. He rejected the Libero Empire’s claim to Storms Keep and promoted the continued existence of Thulsoma. This position led Averoth to defend Storms Keep, and for the Morek Empire to respond by declaring war. Also, because of their arguments against Astromancy, Corsanctum lowered relations and Astrum declared war on Averoth.

The Averothites returned to their realm from the Stormlands and successfully defeated the armies of Astrum in many battles. I believe the location of these battles was Ygg d'Razhuul, but there may be another region in which I am uninformed of. At the moment, peace talks between Astrum and Averoth are ongoing with mediation of Caerwyn.

Bowie Ironsides,

Winter of 13 YD (or the 24th of January, 2011)