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The Breach of Storms Keep

Of course, before I begin this article it is polite to give proper thanks to those who contributed to its factualness. Much praise is due to Mistress Haruka Vanimedle, Grandmaster Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico, and Lord Brance Indirik. I also wish to dedicate this to the memory of Lord Sigrun Lurdigala who was killed in the second battle.

In Northnastrond, in the Summer of 13 YD, arguably the largest siege in Dwilight history occurred. Against the fortified force of Thulsoma, the league of Astrum, Corsanctum, the Morek Empire, and the Libero Empire launched their siege of Storms Keep. The Saxons succeeded in defending their capital against the gross force but felt a devastating impact in casualties. The first two successive assaults were losses for the Astromancer Hegemony - as of this Winter they are now formally recognized as the “Brotherhood of Astrocracies” featuring the Libero Empire - a short time later a third assault by the Hegemony proved victory.

This event is significant because of two results. First, this siege was the first successful invasion of Storms Keep in the whole duration of the war. Since this breach, the Hegemony and the Libero Empire have continued their success by reducing the fortifications of the stronghold to the lowest level. Perhaps then, this event is the turning point of the war in favour of the Astromancers. As a counterpoint to that assumption, I have learned that Averoth has joined the war as allies of Thulsoma. It is entirely possible that the war will once again weigh against the Astromancers. Second, and this statement is not supported by solid facts that I have collected, it seems that for some reason during this attack, maybe before or just after, the strength of the Saxon religion plummeted and Hrēdmōnath fell into ruin. If this is true, then by whatever cause, the end of this religion marks a major victory for the forces of Astromancy. Remember, this faith was one of the reasons that brought the Morek Empire and the rest of the theocracies into the conflict.

Though there are more developments in this war not covered here, such as the cause for Averoth’s entrance and the fate of the Saxon religion, as for the first breach of Storms Keep we have our record.

Bowie Ironsides,

Winter of 13 YD (or the 23rd of January, 2011)