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Located on::Dwilight
Part of::Westgard
Part of::Everguard
Gheric Arylon
is regiontype::City
North Mediterranean
Manufacturing, Trade

Eidulb (pronounced EE-duhl-b) is a coastal region on the continent of Dwilight. The city has a very rich history, both before and after being taken by the realm. It is home to an extremely diverse people, the Dulesians, and a very unique metropolitan culture.

The climate of the city is very hot and sticky, causing great discomfort to many of the ruling elite of the kingdom, who prefer a cooler, more crisp atmosphere to live in. The ruling Duke of the city is the noble who has been recognized as the local Dulesians as the Ayaui of their people - essentially their noble ruler.


Eidulb has a humid subtropical climate, with mild winters, hot, humid summers, and significant rainfall all year long. Summer is the wettest season; almost half of the annual rainfall occurs during the summer months in the form of thundershowers, which is an effect similar to the monsoons found in Southern Dwilight.

Fall remains relatively warm through November. Winter is short and mild, and is characterized by occasional rain. Snow flurries seldom occur. The highest temperature recorded (inside city limits) was 104 °F (40 °C), and the lowest temperature recorded was 10 °F (−12 °C).

Hurricanes are a major threat to the area during the summer and early fall, with several severe hurricanes hitting the area - most notably a hurricane roughly 25 years ago which destroyed a significant part of the city, and forced the population to rebuild. Eidulb was also once hit by a large tornado, which did a great deal of damage, including the downtown government district, and even sank five offshore warships.

Native Plants and Animals

The biodiversity of the coastal region of Eidulb is quite high, with well over 2000 species of vascular plants and only hundreds of land mammals able to be found. Additionally, there are literally thousands of insects, and a large numbers of birds as well, many of whom migrate to more southern locations in Dwilight during the winter months.

Outside the city of Eidulb itself, there is a wooded area, populated by many conifer trees and associated plant life. Here you will find many unique animals including caribou, hares, foxes, snowy owl, lemmings, and bears. As the area surrounding Eidulb is still a developing region, there has yet to be a large scale depopulation of animals - some predators even periodically make their way into the city itself and scare the local population.

The most diverse and rich area of Eidulb in terms of biodiversity however, are the areas on the coast which are home to many unique plants and animals not typically found in northern Dwilight. Especially notable are the great varieties of fish that can be found in the coastal ocean waters. Many other species of animal can be found here as well, all flocking to the more temperate and resource rich coastal lands.

As noble realms expand their empires, and the city of Eidulb itself grows, it seems likely that the plant and animal life of the region will significantly change in the future. Humans have already started to hunt some of the animals outside the city to the point where they are migrating to the outlining areas of the region. Only time will tell if the animal life here will continue to be strong, or be driven out.

Political History

The first noble realm to occupy the city of Eidulb was the Madina Colony known as Caerwyn. Under threat of war from Everguard, the colony immediately relocated to the nearby city of Golden Farrow. Following the relocation of the colony, the city was left to go rogue, then taken by Everguard. For a time, the people of Eidulb were very loyal to Everguard. Given the strength of the nation to which they belonged, they were comfortable and secure in their homes, maximizing their production potential and keeping them in good spirits. They were totally devoted to the kingdom, and were kept well in line by their Ducal lord.

The first Duke of Eidulb under the authority of Everguard was Jack Carnes. He maintained his estate on a sprawling parcel of land overlooking the ocean on the coast just outside the city limits. He became well known amongst the peasantry of the region as a fair minded, just lord who cared about his people. When Everguard was required to make war, the armies of the realm were able to draw upon renowned infantry and archers from Eidulb. Time and time again in battle, these soldiers of Eidulb proved to be essential to the armies of Everguard, helping turn the tide in battle repeatedly. There were plans by Duke Carnes to begin construction on new recruitment and training centers to possibly draft recruits and train them as mounted soldiers or even deadly special forces, though no official announcement were made prior to the city's defection.

Following attacks by monsters on several regions of Everguard, and chronic food shortages in the city, the commoners of the city of Eidulb became disillusioned with the leadership of Everguard. The discontent came to a head when the city revolted against Everguard and hung the local officials. Following this revolt the locals turned to the neighboring realm of Astrum and pledged their fealty to the young theocracy. Astrum was not able to significantly improve the conditions in the city fast enough, and the local peasants revolted from noble control altogether and declared their independence from any realm. The city was left to it's own devices for a time as the young realms situated around it dealt with their own troubles closer to home. Soon enough the realm of Astrum returned to the city to take possession.

To prepare for the secession of Mimer and the formation of Corsanctum, Astrum moved their capital to the city of Eidulb.

Lords who have ruled Eidulb

  • Rogue - prior to April 26th, 2008
  • Duke Jack Carnes of Everguard - Ruled April 26th, 2008 - May 8th, 2008
  • Duke Justin Greystone of Astrum - Ruled May 8th, 2008 - May 15th, 2008
  • Rogue - May 15th, 2008 to June 16th
  • Duke Aram Stien of Astrum - Ruled June 16th, 2008 - ?
  • Duke Ysgarren Addonwy of Astrum - ? - September 2011
  • Duke Sergio Mozzoni of Astrum - September 20th 2011 - ?
  • Margrave Phillip Moore of Astrum - September 2016

Influence of the City

Eidulb is in a strategic position unique among all the regions on the continent of Dwilight. Together with its suburban region, Eidulb Outskirts, Eidulb is the only land and city on the continent that directly connects the east and west landmasses that constitute Dwilight together. As such, for all trade, and foot traffic that must go from one side to the other, there is no choice but to travel through Eidulb Outskirts, with a likely stop at the city of Eidulb. This makes Eidulb a hugely important city to continental trade, and something of a melting pot renaissance city. Culture, religion, merchant trade - all these things are synonymous with the city of Eidulb. This makes it (along with the grand city of Gelene and the island port of Libidizedd) one of the crowning jewels of northern seas. Eidulb has a has feature::marketplace, making it a popular spot with traders, lords, and stewards from the surrounding regions.

Statues and Monuments

  • Statue to Murat Kalkandelen in Inner Eidulb

A Bronze Statue of Murat Kalkandelen thrusting a spear into a griffin, a symbol of Helyg Derwyddon, was erected to commemorate Murat's extraordinary performance during the Astro-Helygian war. The names of three enemies he defeated are carved on a bronze plaque by his feet.

Anita Wykeo, Saevitia Ironsun, Jaequellon Kyzer

— erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Monument to The Ruined Palace of the Vasilif in Inner Eidulb

The Ruined Palace of the Vasilifs is a well preserved palace complex which was once a home of several Vasilifs. Most Vasilifs of Astrum spent their time in this palace until Vasilif Sergio had to abandon the city due to the Great Monster Invasion. The palace complex looks quite desolate with only a few large buildings scattered across the site but most visitors can still see the glimpse of the old Astrumite architecture.

— erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum