Dwilight/Diplomacy/Treaty of Mimer

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The Treaty of Mimer was signed by Deverka Cryfdwr and Alexandra Dwarvenite on August 29, 1008 as well as ratified by the lords of both realms.

  • Astrum will not expand beyond the Well of Mimer. Astrum will see no recognition of claims to Mimer or The Well on the basis of this treaty.
  • His Holiness or the Council of Cardinals of Sanguis Astroism may revoke any realm's rights and the rights of any nobles to Mimer and The Well at any time for any purpose. Mimer and The Well are church property, but may be deferred to any party for any length of time. (example: Astrum or Morek)
  • Lords may refuse to sell food that is not considered surplus by his peers. Embargoes, sanctions and prices set to discourage transaction in an attempt to loophole a forbidden embargo are forbidden. A dispute over 'surplus' will prompt a referendum by that lords duke, to be decided by majority vote.
  • Members of signed states will recognize this treaty may be deconstituted in the event of war with impunity.