Dwilight/Diplomacy/The Peace Treaty of Eidulb

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The Peace Treaty of Eidulb

Treaty Text


PURPOSE This treaty aims to reestablish peaceful relations between the Farronite Republic and the Theocracy of Astrum.


  • The Farronite Republic shall publicly state and admit that it entered into the war as an aggressor against Astrum, and that Farronite nobles did loot and attack Astrum prior to any declaration of war, although they did so against orders of their superiors.
  • The Farronite Republic shall cede all claim to Dunbrook, Grazne, and Knyazes.
  • The Farronite Republic shall cancel its alliance with Niselur and Asylon.
  • The Farronite Republic shall raise relations with Astrum and Corsanctum to peace.
  • The Farronite Republic shall not aid Niselur and Asylon in any way, either food, gold, or military support of any kind, including the hunting of rogue forces in the lands of either realm.
  • The Farronite Republic and Astrum shall not place any expectations on each other of any changes in internal governance, church relations, or third-party diplomatic relations as a result of the war; i.e. neither side is obligated to change any alliances or wars elsewhere in Dwilight or change any of its stances on various church and political issues
  • Such diplomatic restrictions as are present in this treaty shall remain in force until such a time as the Astrum-Niselur/Asylon war is resolved to Astrum's satisfaction.
  • This treaty shall permanently resolve any injuries or debts accruing from the Farronite Republic's involvement in the War of Niselurian Aggression, and thus the Farronite Republic shall not be burdened with any further terms, expectations, or commitments in the course of that war, or its eventual resolution from Astrum's side not involving any other actors in this war.


This treaty was created on 2013-11-01.

Current Signatories