Dwilight/Diplomacy/Pian en Luries-Madina Treaty

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The Realms of Madina and Pian en Luries do hereby agree to the following terms of this official peace treaty.

  • Both realms raise there official diplomatic relations to peace and act accordingly.
  • During the length of this treaty Pian en Luries stays completely neutral in any war over the isles of Raviel and Nebel, provided no significant provocation is given by D'Hara or any other realm in the isles that would be sufficient as a casus belli.
  • Madina and Pian en Luries will negotiate and eventually agree to a reasonable trade agreement between the two realms supplying Pian en Luries of Food.
  • In any situation where in Madina would control the isles Militarily, Pian en Luries is granted free passage for it's nobles and forces.
  • This treaty remains valid for 6 months counting from the date at which the rulers of both realms have officially signed this treaty.
  • This treaty is valid only as long as both realms meet the above set conditions.

I, as ruler of my realm officially agree to the above conditions and will do all in my power to uphold them.


Tacin Uskarik, Grand Doge of Madina

Alanna Anaris, Queen of Pian en Luries