Dwilight/Diplomacy/Kalmar-Everland Prisoner Exchange Code

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This is a document concerning conduct between the judges of Summerdale and Virovene. This agreement will be rendered voidable if either judge is removed from their position or if the conflict is ended between Summerdale and Virovene.


Prisoner Exchange

1. No soldier of either realm will be held for longer than 2 days (OOC: 4 turns). If direct exchanges wish to be negotiated for earlier release, judges are free to do so.

2. Troop leaders of either realm will not be tortured. A troop leader or knight can be banned from the realm if the judge so wishes, but there is to be no torture or deportation of the knight. This clause includes Troop leaders who may have a previous ban for acts of infiltration.

3. Soldier of either Realm will not have their gold stolen during their time held captive, unless 150 gold or more is held.

4. An Ambassador captured while working in an official capacity, sanctioned by rulers of BOTH realms, shall be released immediately, unless said ambassador was caught while conducting an act of infiltration. In such cases, the rules in this agreement pertaining to infiltrators shall govern the noble's treatment.

5. Professions not included in this agreement are : Priests and Infiltrators.


1) When an infiltrator is first caught a ban is the maximum penalty and shall not be tortured on first offence, with the exception stated in clause 4 of this agreement.

2) When an infiltrator is caught a second time deportation is the maximum penalty.

3) An infiltrator may be executed if they return after a deportation. If caught in multiple assaults upon council members or dukes, an infiltrator may be executed without having been deported.

4) An infiltrator should be tortured once and only if caught assaulting a duke or a council member or if a duke or council member has been assaulted in a region bordering the one the infiltrator was caught in. 5) Infiltrator gold is not protected.

6) If both parties are agreeable then exchange deals can be reached. i.e. Bans lifted or Prisoner exchanges. However, even if bans are lifted or deportations excised, if an infiltrator is caught for multiple attacks upon council members or dukes, then the infiltrator can be re-banned and executed.


1) Priests can preach in regions as long as the priest has the permission of the region lord.

2) If a priests is arrested, then the priest is to be released as soon as practicable (OOC immediately), unless that priest has been engaged in acts of war, i.e. inciting the peasants or subverting a region.

3) No sacking, looting or pillaging of temples of active religions. Additional temples/shrines can be built in regions with the permission of the region lord.

4) Any priest breaching these rules may be arrested and banned from the realm in question.

5) Any priest caught in acts of infiltration shall fall under the infiltrator clauses of this agreement, not the priest clauses.

Infiltrating a tax office Torching a warehouse Sabotaging production Murdering militia Assaulting a Noble


Signed in the Spring of the 5th year of Dwilight;

  • Justiciar Kole Kalmar of Virovene
  • Inquisitor Amalie Everland of Summerdale