Dwilight/Diplomacy/D'hara-Morek Free Passage Agreement

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An agreement of the right of passage for individual nobles signed on January 3, 2009.


  • Nobles of both realms in foreign territory are to respect the laws of each others realm. Meaning those posted openly.
  • Our respective churches must request permission of the regional lord and get it before preaching in a region. This would go for the building of Shrines and Temples as well.
  • Foreign nobles understand that any cancellation of this agreement allows for the grace of those caught in its absence to peaceably amend their trespassing.
  • Should any noble forsake our agreement, than our head jailers shall free the detained as soon as possible.
  • With any transgression our Judges shall work together to see to the swiftest release. With one exception. Infiltrators caught shall be banned and then deported for their crimes.

Signed By

Katayanna Ogren,
Dragon Queen of D'Hara, Duchess of Port Raviel, and Royal Fiduciary of D'Hara.
Deverka Cryfdwr,
Grandmaster of Morek.


Grandmaster Deverka cancelled the treaty on February 12, 2009.