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Bankers Map of Dwilight

Project Vision

Announced by Coffermaster Bowie Ironsides of the Morek Empire in the Winter of 18 YD. The intention is to map out the networks between all markets on Dwilight, with the cooperation, coordination and consensus of all Bankers. The result should be a reference for Bankers and traders who wish to move food from one realm to another but don't have the time to scout out markets to find the best routes. They can simply look here to see how far their nearest market reaches.

All Bankers and traders who can verify the network of a market should record it on this list. We are looking for the markets within reach, not regions. It will be assumed that if one market can reach a city five hundred kilometers away they can likely reach a region within that radius. This is a market to market network map.

The list should be alphabetical, and eventually exhaustive. It is also averaged out to 500 miles, give or take, depending on the skill of the trader. Unconfirmed designation means that it is possible for the market to reach that city or townsland but there have not been any orders seen from there. Until a trader stands in one market and can actually see the order of the other market, the unconfirmed markets will be speculated.

The Networks