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Dunnera is a monarchy located at the eastern coast of East Continent. It is a joint effort of Caligus and Sirion after the war in the north. It takes over the land Fontan (Realm) used to stand.

Dunnera was destroyed by Caligus following a short and brutal war, not too long after it was created.


The secession of Fontan duchy from Caligus marks the beginning of Dunnera.

Traemlin Augulus, who was Caligus' High Marshal through the war with Ibladesh, was the man behind the secession, and became the first King of Dunnera. Discussions of a new realm began when the war the north concluded. King Dobromir of Caligus and Prime Minister Zakilevo Lapallanch of Sirion spent months discussing on the terms of the new realm. It was only until 13 August 2012 that High Marshal Traemlin Augulus took over the duchy of Fontan from Duke Aiden Menethil, and seceded the region to form Dunnera.

Following a very public and bitter rivalry between Duke Aiden Menethil and Royal Treasurer Davis Nosferatu, Caligus declared war on Dunnera, seeking to wipe its existence from the map. No realms stood beside Dunnera, who by its self stood little chance against the power that is Caligus. A quick war ensued, with very few notable battles. After the abandonment of Viseu and Negev, King Traemlin Augulus left behind the Eastern Continent for good, and struck out for a new beginning.

With the fall of Fontan, the short-lived Kingdom/Grand Duchy of Dunnera came to an end.


King Traemlin Augulus

Chief Justice Zakilevo Lapallanch

Royal Treasurer Davis Nosferatus

High Marshal Leonardo Francios

The King

The King is the ruler of Dunnera. He manages diplomatic relationship with other realms and heads the realm leadership. Should a female noble be crown as the ruler of Dunnera in the future, she will be called the Queen.


The Augulusian Dynasty (Aug 2012 ~ Oct 2012)

  • King Traemlin Augulus (Aug 2012 ~ Oct 2012) - The First king of Dunnera.

The Francios Dynasty (Oct 2012 ~ )

  • Grand Duke Leonardo Francios (Oct 2012 ~ )

The Chief Justice

The Chief Justice (formerly known as the Arch Priest) is the judge of Dunnera. He/She upholds the realm laws and acts accordingly to punish those that defy the laws.

Chief Justices of Dunnera: Zakilevo Lapallanch (Aug 2012 ~ ) >>

The Royal Treasurer

The Royal Treasurer is the banker of Dunnera. He/She manages the financial and food matters of the realm. This position is elected monthly.

Royal Treasurers of Dunnera: Davis Nosferatus (Aug 2012 ~ Oct 2012) >> Leonardo Francios (Oct 2012 ~ )

The High Marshal

The High Marshal is the general of Dunnera. He/She leads the military of the realm and commands the various marshals and troop leaders. This position is elected monthly.

High Marshals of Dunnera: Leonardo Francios (Aug 2012 ~ Oct 2012) >> Tiberius Himoura (Oct 2012 ~ Oct 2012) >> Zakilevo Lapallanch (Oct 2012 ~ )


The Military of Dunnera protects the interests, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Dunnera.

The Dunneran Exalted Legion

The Dunneran Exalted Legion is the first army of Dunnera. It is sponsored by King Traemlin Augulus and led by Marshal Leonardo Francios. The Legion now hopes to regain the lands Dunnera has claims to.


The Kingdom of Dunnera has claims on following regions:

  • City of Fontan
  • An Najaf
  • Viseu
  • Oporto
  • Braga
  • City of Krimml
  • Negev

Foreign Matters

Dunnera is a new realm and hopes to maintain good relationships with her immediate neighbors - Caligus, Sirion and Westmoor.


Dunnera has no treaties for now.


Dunnera is at war with Caligus.


Traemlin Augulus
Aiden Menethil
Lilian Flame
Ontai Invictus
Rowan MacGregor
Kassandra Kingsley
Leonardo Francios

Last 10 Nobles of Dunnera

  • Davis Nosferatus - The First Royal Treasurer of Dunnera
  • Grigori Dhalgren
  • Guthrum Valsgarde
  • Iziaslav Principe
  • Leonardo Francios - The First High Marshal and Last King / Grand Duke / Royal Treasurer of Dunnera
  • Luarin Bowker
  • Rowan MacGregor
  • Theophanes Caelinus
  • Vig II Animus
  • Zakilevo Lapallanch - The First and the Last Chief Justice / High Marshal of Dunnera