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May 21st

Sunrise -- Ashforth

1AUndead Horde(Undead)(rogue)42 otherline  618
2DAshforth Arbalests(militia/guard unit)Fontan55 Archline  537
3DAshforth Arbalests II(militia/guard unit)Fontan54 Archline  533
4DAshforth Arbalests V(militia/guard unit)Fontan58 Archline  566
5DAshforth Arbalests VI(militia/guard unit)Fontan61 Archline  578
6DAshforth Archers VII(militia/guard unit)Fontan45 Archline  452
7DAshforth Defence Forces(militia/guard unit)Fontan55 Infline  652
8DAshforth Defence Forces II(militia/guard unit)Fontan54 Infline  631
9DAshforth Defence Forces III(militia/guard unit)Fontan54 Infline  636
10DAshforth Defence Forces IV(militia/guard unit)Fontan55 Infline  630
11DAshforth Strike Infantry(militia/guard unit)Fontan52 Infline  632
12DAshforth Strike Infantry II(militia/guard unit)Fontan69 Infline  769
13DAshforth Strike Infantry III(militia/guard unit)Fontan58 Infline  639
14DAshforth Strike Infantry IV(militia/guard unit)Fontan56 Infline  618
15DAshforth Strike Infantry V(militia/guard unit)Fontan59 Infline  644
16DAshforth Strike Infantry V(militia/guard unit)Fontan67 Infline  763
17DAshforth's Archers(militia/guard unit)Fontan59 Archline  576
18DAshforth's Archers II(militia/guard unit)Fontan52 Archline  491
19DAshforth's Archers III(militia/guard unit)Fontan54 Archline  506
20DAshforth's Archers IV(militia/guard unit)Fontan47 Archline  477
21D Carnes Elite GuardElberanFontan32 SFline  988
22DCarnes FanaticsAulus SeverusFontan28 SFline  794
23D Elite SentinelsRophlockFontan15 SFline  443
24D Hunting PartyGuis'waFontan30 Infline  365
25DOporto Pioneers(militia/guard unit)Fontan20 Infline  172
26D Oporto TargeteersRhidhanaFontan50 Archline  516

1 attackers (42 other)
25 defenders (629 Inf, 535 Arch, 75 SF)
Total combat strengths: 618 vs. 14608

Begin new treaty system battle setup:

The region owner Fontan and their allies defend.
The (rogue) troops attack because of their declaration 'War against realms' against Fontan.

End new treaty system battle setup.

The region owner Fontan and their allies defend.
The (rogue) troops attack because they are at war with Fontan.

It is quite windy and the archers will have to aim very carefully.
The defenders take up positions inside the Fortress (5).

(legend: I=Infantry, M=Mixed Inf, A=Archers, C=Cavalry, S=Special Forces, U=Undead, M=Monsters)
Turn No. 1

    <Char >1 (42-U)
</Char >
  23 (15-S)
<Char >2 (55-A)
</Char ><Char >3 (54-A)
</Char ><Char >4 (58-A)
</Char ><Char >5 (61-A)
</Char ><Char >6 (45-A)
</Char ><Char >7 (55-I)
</Char ><Char >8 (54-I)
</Char ><Char >9 (54-I)
</Char ><Char >10 (55-I)
</Char ><Char >11 (52-I)
</Char ><Char >12 (69-I)
</Char ><Char >13 (58-I)
</Char ><Char >14 (56-I)
</Char ><Char >15 (59-I)
</Char ><Char >16 (67-I)
</Char ><Char >17 (59-A)
</Char ><Char >18 (52-A)
</Char ><Char >19 (54-A)
</Char ><Char >20 (47-A)
</Char > 21 (32-S)
22 (28-S)
24 (30-I)
<Char >25 (20-I)
</Char > 26 (50-A)

<Char > Oporto Targeteers (26) fire on Undead Horde (1), scoring 150 hits.
</Char ><Char ><Char >Ashforth Archers VII (6) fire on Undead Horde (1), scoring 143 hits.
</Char ></Char ><Char ><Char >Ashforth Arbalests (2) fire on Undead Horde (1), scoring 115 hits.
</Char ></Char ><Char >Ashforth Arbalests V (4) move closer to get better shots.
</Char ><Char ><Char >Ashforth's Archers (17) fire on Undead Horde (1), scoring 156 hits.
</Char ></Char ><Char ><Char >Ashforth's Archers II (18) fire on Undead Horde (1), scoring 135 hits.
</Char ></Char ><Char ><Char >Ashforth's Archers IV (20) fire on Undead Horde (1), scoring 145 hits.
</Char ></Char ><Char ><Char >Ashforth Arbalests VI (5) fire on Undead Horde (1), scoring 151 hits.
</Char ></Char ><Char ><Char >Ashforth's Archers III (19) fire on Undead Horde (1), scoring 86 hits.
</Char ></Char ><Char ><Char >Ashforth Arbalests II (3) fire on Undead Horde (1), scoring 126 hits.
</Char ></Char >Total ranged hits suffered: Attackers: 1207, Defenders: 0
Undead Horde (1) advance towards the enemy.
Ashforth Strike Infantry V (15), Ashforth Strike Infantry IV (14), Ashforth Strike Infantry II (12), Ashforth Strike Infantry (11), Ashforth Strike Infantry V (16), Carnes Fanatics (22), Oporto Pioneers (25), Carnes Elite Guard (21), Ashforth Defence Forces IV (10), Ashforth Defence Forces (7), Ashforth Strike Infantry III (13), Ashforth Defence Forces III (9), Hunting Party (24) and Ashforth Defence Forces II (8) move forward to take up positions at the outer wall.
Elite Sentinels (23) hold their positions at the outer wall, waiting for the attack.

<Char >Undead Horde (1) take 1207 hits from archer fire, which cause 42 casualties, wiping the unit out.
</Char >Total hits suffered: Attackers: 1207 (0 from close combat and 1207 from ranged), Defenders: 0 (0 from close combat and 0 from ranged)
Total casualties: 42 attackers, 0 defenders

Defender Victory! The locals are grateful to the winners for defeating the evil forces plaguing their region.


The battle lasted for 1 hours. You have gained 0 Honour. You have improved your leadership skill. None of your men were killed in this battle. Morale of your troops falls by 1 points. Combat training increases by 1 points. Unit cohesion rises 3 points.