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10th January

Spring Evening -- Ciarin Tut

Bruce Wilde

The vast wildlands of Ciarin Tut lay spread out in front of him, seemingly almost endless with its pasture fields stretching out far and wide under the cool spring sun. The sound of boots, steel and leather, could be heard as the boots struck the ground rythmically, almost like a trance, with one bigger thud, shortly followed by a smaller thud produced by the few soldiers that did not keep the same tact as the others. Bruce did not care about that whatsoever as he sat on his horseback and idly listened to his scribe and his captain arguing over the perfect recipe for a turnip soup. After all, they were out in the fields with only the cattle to impress so there was no need to be ceremonial, and who knew how many of the younglings, fathers and brothers that would be marching the same way back to Askileon after the threat in Mattan Dews had been dealt with?

One week ago, Bruce had been the vassal knight of Margrave Wassgandr, serving Askileon as the Master of the Red Light District, where Bruce had implented his own kind of justice among the brothels, shady inns, and their patrons. Today he was the Imperial Magistrate of Luria Nova, the chief of justice with jurisdiction across the whole realm, as well as King of Moon Hall, making his old liege and benefactor become his vassal, and with this new found titles and power also came a pledge, oath and burden towards the people and nobles of the realm alike. As his old uncle Ben used to say: "With great power comes great responsibility.", and there was work to be done with Moon Hall, as it was not in its best shape when Bruce had received the appointment. He had to find lords for the lordless regions, as well as find methods, ways but most of all time to improve the regions. He had reached out to potential candidates for the lordships, but no luck so far. He did not blame them whatsoever as he understood their current situation, but he felt a bit sad about it nonetheless. Hopefully one of them would respond back to them soon, saying that they want to expand their duties to the realm.

He let out a sigh, but none of his companions seemed to notice as they had moved on to discuss whether parsley should be included in the soup or not. For now, he had to focus on the threat in Mattan Dews, and even if he had expected to have more units in Ciarin Tut by now, he had to make do with what the forces he had at his disposal in Ciarin Tut for now. The discussion of parsley came to an abrupt end when Bruce motioned his scribe to come forward. The takeover had to be stopped. With a heavy heart he started to draft the upcoming orders for the army.

13th January

Spring Day -- Askileon

Leonid Castillo

You have arrived in Santoo, a Rural region (friendly territory).

The gods smile upon you tonight, and fate has put a special gift in your lap. During your journey, you find the Dazzling Sword, a unique and legendary item (Weapon, +10 prestige).

14th January

Spring Evening -- Askileon



Theros looked over the ruins of the first temple of the Angels of Ulrith. Frowning, he sighed. The temple had been torn down long ago, even before the collapse of the religion. What was to become of Ulrith now? Was there no salvation for humanity, when evil politics trump the will of the gods?

No, he thought as he pushed over a couple stones with his foot, we do not deserve salvation.

He looked to the sky and wondered where Raine had gone. The last hope for Ulrith had vanished with her.

Silently, he removed his Pendant of Ulrith, dug a small hole with his hand, and placed the necklace inside. Then he covered it. He bowed his head, uttered a short prayer for his god, and then stood to leave.

22nd January

Summer Day -- Poryatu


Far to the south in Gretchew, rumors of the battle was all anyone discussed.

"A hero was killed! Sir Johnathon Shepherd of Tol!"

"I heard they captured the Westgard judge!"

"Hundreds dead!"


"Surely not thousands?"

Fitzhugh sat alone, speaking to no one, drinking his mulwine. "There will be many undead," he thought. "I shall have to head north."

26th January

Summer Evening - Askileon

Bruce Wilde

Once again, Bruce found himself holding onto the ship's gold decorated railings so hard that his knuckles whitened, and his face was pale as well, with a hint of green, and once again he leaned over the railing on wobbly legs, watching what used to be his stomach's content glisten in the evening sun as it made is way down sea, with some of it splattering into the ship's hull. He leaned back, muttered a few words to himself, some self pitying, some curse words as he wiped his mouth with one of the many handkerchief he had prepared for this journey. Afterall, this was not his first rodeo on the sea, and he had learnt his lesson the hard way during a previous journey.

Bruce hated the sea, and he was sure the sea hated him back. He stood at the ship's stern, trying to hide his allergic reactions of the sea's movement from his crew, lamenting quietly as his beloved Askileon slowly shrunk as time passed. The ship Bruce was using had belonged to a local noble in Askileon, who had a certain taste for parties and women, and gambling which ultimately proved to be his downfall. Bruce had confiscated the ship back when he served as the Steward of Askileon, as Bruce and the noble had made a deal. The ship, or the noble's life. The task of upholding the law in Askileon's Red Light District had been easy, as all you needed was muscle, whereas serving as the Imperial Magistrate and upholding the laws of the realm required a bit more finesse.

The ship itself was a gaudy piece of work, with gold decorated railings and bright pink sails, lavishly embroidered with flowers of green and silver, and to top it off: a large gryphon of gold on the main sail. However, the most noticeable detail of the ship was its figure head, a red-headed mermaid, with overdimensioned and outworldy proportions, to that degree that it was borderline grotesque. The ship's crew and Bruce's soldiers, save Captain Andric who had made his opinion clear about it on multiple occasions, seemed to be proud about it and admire it.

Just as Bruce thought the sea had calmed down, he felt the urge to lean over and hurl up again, trying to trick himself that the joyous sea fare would be over soon, but at heart he knew that it was not the case.

28th January

Summer Day -- Askileon

Kiran Mir-Ashtan

It appears we have been blessed in our lenient investigation of the assets currently within the rogue infested region of Shinnen Purlieus.

We were able to restock some of our provisions and send a small number of bushels back to the Region of Nid Tek for our esteemed pantries. 33 criminals have been killed in the process.

In addition, on conducting a raid on a residence located by criminals. My personnel discovered an item that seemed to pass under the radar of the brigands. We believe this item to be of almost unique design and are sure it will bring Prestige to a wielder, the weapon is a Brutal Mallet (+6 Prestige)

I hope everyone understands we all act with leniency to mitigate casualties to the civilian populace.