Dubhaine Family/Ciarghuala/Roleplays/1019/November

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7th November

Summer Day -- somewhere in Luria


Fitzhugh marched up to the man seated at the large oak desk.

"You again?" he said. "I thought I told you to - "

Fitzhugh tossed a double handful of silver pieces on the table before him. "So, I'm a Ranger?" he asked.

"You're an aspirant ranger," the guildman answered, scooping up the money.

21st November

Autumn Day -- Outer Giask

Alessia de Medici

The day had come for Alessia to step into her father's shoes. She had been born in the purple, aptly educated to further the Medici Dynasty. On this day, she stepped forward, spreading the word that for the first time, the Medici would have a matriarch.