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4th March

Summer Day -- Shomrak

Erika Alveron


Erika grinned magnificently as the salty breeze whipped through her golden hair, late summer sun glittering off her teeth. From her position in the crows nest she could see what had to be the spires of Storm's Keep, jagged against the horizon.

The young woman had enjoyed this time at sea, anxious as she was to return to Luria Nova and secure her lordship there was something so very liberating and almost spiritual about being surrounded on all sides by sea and sky. And at night, the stars!

My Goddess, she thought, I must have been a siren in my past life

Never in all her life had she ever dreamed of a sky so blue. She through back her head in a long, glorious peal of laughter ringing out like the sweet bells of heaven. At 17 she was just beginning to show the early glow of a legendary beauty that would doubtless peak much later in life. Her eyes were a dangerous blue, her tongue sharp, and her disposition had fire to it that would peel the skin from a man when she was angered.

Below her the crew scurried back and forth across the deck as they turned the great clipper towards the shore. In a few hours perhaps her sword would finally taste blood again. But in the meantime, her skin desired a more complete taste of the sun. Loosening the neck of her tunic, she reached down and peeled the long garment over her head and draped it on the rail. She was high enough above the deck she doubted any of the men could see her.

And what if they can?, thought the maiden with a mischievous grin, I'll have the eyes and tongue of any of them foolish enough to let on they've witnessed my immodesty.

Being out of her father's house and commander of her own troops did have its benefits, and sweet heaven did the sun and the breeze feel so incredible on her skin!

6th March

Summer Evening -- Mt. Black Nastrond

William Fitz Roberts

Sitting at his desk, William was going through the reports of the day. Seeing the name on one letter he got up slowly, walked to his balcony, screamed, walked back to his desk, sat down and proceeded to mutter expletives as he continued to work

7th March

Summer Day -- White Plains

Bennet Selemnir

Bennet walked off the pier. He spotted her. He shuffled his followers off. And he waited a minute.

He saw Lady Perdiat in front of him. A tall woman. He walked up to her


She almost dismissed the short mar. Then she looked him in the eye, and recognized him.

" Maaaan, he was short though."

"King Bennet," she spoke.

Bennet took her hand... "Yeah, I'm super short."

She took his joke and said nothing. Then he led her away.....looking excitedly into his eyes

13th March

Autumn Evening -- Seeker's Coast

William Fitz Roberts

This is the official declaration that Lord Myr has been found guilty of perjury in the attempt to mislead the Imperial High Court in an investigation.

Having claimed that the adventurer he had arrested had committed a crime, he then provided evidence that not only disproved the crime, but corroborated my suspicion that this was simply a case of the lord in question being outbid for an item. For some reason he was arrogant enough to presume that his wish to buy an item superseded the wish of another noble to do the same

Note that if the lord in question seeks any future retribution on the defendant in question he shall be found in contempt of court and fined accordingly

This is my final word for the matter. Lord Myr is lucky not to receive a fine for his wilful perjury, but I am in a lenient mood and the requisite paperwork for the fine would cost the crown more than the fine in question

please take this as a future warning: while rangers are not protected under the same laws that protect the nobility, they are still protected under common law, especially when they are contracted to carry out tasks for another noble. Lord Myr's arrest of an adventurer fulfilling a contract with another noble was in effect an assault upon their personal business.

This should never have ever been a case before the courts. Today I have already had to deal with four counts of murder and an instance of arson among the common sort. I do not need to waste my time investigating a crime that never happened, especially where the crime was imagined in order to remedy a perceived slight

And to think, I was having quite a good morning. I missed dinner with my daughters sorting out this mess.

20th March

Autumn Day -- Poryatu

Alessio de Medici

The work on the renovations of the Palazzo de Medici were long and arduous. The family estate was already large and it did truly represent the fame of the Medici family. Now, it had an Imperial palace built atop it, being transformed from one of the biggest estates in the city, to being one of the biggest on the continent. The construction rightfully left the Ferratans in awe of the craftsmanship and restored their glee following the recent failed election. Much of the original palazzo had been opened as a museum, bestowing even the common man with the opportunity to witness art and culture without paying a penny - naturally, much of the better relics were off-limits to those without passes, mostly nobles, lesser included, and the most prized of Luria's adventurers.

The expanded palazzo could also truly home a new and expanded home for the Lurian Herald, for when Lena was fit to return to work. Perhaps the Empire itself could not so swiftly become enriched with culture and the arts, but this new palace would surely lead the way for them to follow. Aspiring painters and poets alike quickly expanded, giving new hobbies to the locals across the entire realm. Art and literature was truly revived.

The old royal palace remained in comfortable shape, where it would await the next Dux.

26th March

Autumn Evening -- Askileon

Myr Arnickles Renodin

Myr donned his armour, sheathed his sword and saddled his horse. He barred all servant from aiding him in any of the tasks. All cloth was washed, all steel was polished and budding roar woke from slumber in Lion Knight's throat.

"Unto glory." - he whispered, but save for himself and perhaps Tor, none could hear it.

30th March

Winter Day -- Sallowscape Drift

Myr Arnickles Renodin

Myr shook his head angrily and donned the fur coat: "ah, winter. Just my bloody luck."

Brec'han Le Bras

Captain Magdalena: "The men are nervous for not enough food"

Brec'han says nothing. He does not like the sea.

Ciarghuala Dubhaine

"We'll steer north through Qubel Passage," Ciarghuala traced her finger across the vellum chart in a smooth arc, careless of the rhumb lines joining the rich ports of the Dragon Isles with the tight chasm of the Euschean Bight.

"Those are rough waters in wintertime Ma'am, and the reefs have brought many a ship to ruin even in high summer," Brendan, the flotilla's navigator, pursed his rimed lips as he considered the rocky costs on both sides of the channel.

"I'm well aware of that," the Queen's face warmed and there was a glint in her eye, "which is why I've brought this." She slipped a hand into her robe and drew out a second sheet of carefully folded vellum, its outer face marked with the Sigil of the Dragon Throne. Unfolding it Ciarghuala revealed a highly detailed pilot's rutter charting the waters between Qubel and Sallowtown.

"Is that..."

"Yes, it's a D'Haran navy chart. I've had it a few years so..."

"We'll need to keep a keen watch for shifting sandbars Ma'am," Brendan was clearly warming to the challenge, "but the rocks themselves are unlikely to have upped roots and wandered."

"Just what I was thinking," she turned to the captains huddled with them in the chartroom, the steely faces of men and women used to the perils of the open ocean. Hoary sea-dogs like herself with salt-water coursing through their veins. In another life she'd have been content to live on the tides with a double share to squander in the ports and stews of the West. Em probably wouldn't approve she reflected, and now certainly wasn't the time for such fanciful thoughts...

"My friends, knowledge of this chart doesn't leave this room. Even the Emperor himself doesn't know of its existence for fear it would compromise him. This being the case, Brendan will draw up individual sailing instructions for each of you and we'll slip through Qubel Passage at night, as stealthily as we may. Douse your lights and fires, suppress all merry-making and avoid all shipping. If we're successful we rendezvous here," she stabbed her finger forcefully on the eastern tip of an unnamed islet in the midst of the Inland Sea.

Erika Alveron

"Hell of a time to be sailing, M'Lady," Leo grumbled, pulling his cloak tighter against the bitter cold sea wind.

"Happy solstice, Leo," Erika replied smoothly.

"Shortest day of the year".

"The perfect time for sailing, Leo".


"Longer nights mean more time to study the stars, my dear captain. They guide us more clearly than any map".

"I hear the D'Haran's make pretty good maps," Leo said skeptically, "couldn't hurt to've tried to grab one. Especially for these waters".

Erika laughed.

"No doubt, dear Leo, but the stars guide us through more than just the troubled waters of the winter sea," she said softly, turning her gaze back towards the sky.

"What are they saying now, M'Lady.....?".

"That it's almost sunset and they will have much more to say in an hour or so!"

31st March

Winter Day -- Shattered Shores

Erika Alveron

You are watching the sunrise from the window in your stateroom when you hear a knock on your door.

Summoning your aide from without, you are shocked to discover that he is bringing you a sea-gull with a bit of parchment strapped to its leg.

Shocked, you open the scroll to read,


I have reached the coast which we have set out for. Shall I hold? Or attempt to disembark in a rogue region to gain intelligence?

There is a wax seal at the bottom, but it was not easily identifiable as belonging to any particular realm or house. In fact, you recognize it as the secret seal of Dame Erika, as agreed upon in secret by the members of the Novan Wrath so that such messages could be delivered anonymously.