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January 27th

Has the favour of Our Lady Denariel taught you nothing sister? The Way leads not to a single church nor a faith enthroned as inviolate dogma. The Way is both test and tutor, taking all no matter their origins and guiding them to the true joy of salvation.

That joy cannot be pressed through force arms nor mandated through cunning law. It must be snatched by each and every one of us from the jaws of adversity as we make our way in this fallen world.

When the Worldshaper gave life to man he imbued in him the three lesser gifts of reason, passion and hope. Reason is the lodestone by which we the nobility seek to guide our subjects, passion is the virtue which drives us all to seek greatness, and hope is the strength which holds us firm in adversity.

But above all these the Lord Khagister set the great jewel of mankind's existence: free will. Without free will The Way would be meaningless and the Gods nothing more than spoilt brats toying with the lives of men for their personal pleasure.

So when I spoke His words in the market place and broke the power of the theocrats it was not for love of Oritolon's faith, corrupted as it is in so many ways, but to restore the freedom of both the Alowcan people and their neighbours to follow The Way no matter the guise under which they sought it.

From a certain perspective we are all blind, ignorant fools. For this reason it is not faiths we should fight so much as it is the evils which are oft committed in their name.

Priestess May follows The Way, though she calls it The Path and obscures it with dogma, and likewise Priest Innocent who knows full well that The Stage may be set by the Gods, but it is the Actors who command The Play.

And that dear sister is why I who have been called to testify and prophesy cannot condemn. Even that blackest of hearts, Spearhead the Thrice-Cursed, may yet in his dotage find The Way and be redeemed. Yes, even he who these long years has conspired to bring the Darkness upon these lands!

For has not the Doom of Oritolon come to pass? Do not her people now suffer as they have made others suffer in the past? And is their suffering not the work of their own hands as I long since foretold?