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1st February

Summer Day - Meuse

Maccio Aurelle

From the Cathedral of the Shadows emerges a detachment of well-equipped, rough-looking soldiers, carrying gold, books and various posessions and loading them in carts. A short, thin, shaven-headed lad with tanned skin and a blank, unfocused gaze, dressed in fine clothing, comes out of the state last, and makes his way through the city into the District of The Palaces followed by his entourage.

A woman, wearing armor and a black surcoat with a white lion embroidered on it splits from them, enters the district and asks for an audience between Lindow Moonsun, Shadow King of Shadowdale, and his lord, Maccio Aurelle, knight of Karbala and future lord of Akesh Temple.

Summer Evening - Meuse

Lindow Moonsun

The Grey Guards opened the doors of the palace district walls, letting pass to Sir Maccio and his unit .

Meanwhile, in the Grey Palace, Lindow was in his office when a servant knocked on his door.

- Your Highness -

- What is the matter? -

- Sir Maccio has arrived and asks for an audience -

- Rally him at the Palace Square -

The Palace Square was the link between the Grey Palace, home of the Shadow King, with the Twilight Palace, a building for the Council and civil officials. It was completely paved with different grey stones that formed geometric shapes. In the center of the square you could see a yellow stone obelisk, an ancient monument of Luciferase Mayhem, the first shadowdale monarch.

Lindow left the enormous gates of the Grey Palace accompanied by a detachment of Grey Guards, in front of him was a formation of men with the emblem of the Aurelle House. In front of these men was Sir Maccio.

- Soldiers of the Casa Aurelle, you carry the emblem of a house that has already participated in several campaigns with the Shadow Legion. You have got achievements in battle and fulfilled the orders given to you. The Shadow Legion needs soldiers like you as part of its main force, for that reason I grant the title of Prime to your unit, so that everyone knows that you form the backbone of the Shadowdale army. - Lindow pauses and looks at Sir Maccio

- Sir Maccio, go up the stairs and get close to me -

Maccio Aurelle

Maccio bows to Lindow, then turns to his new unit and, with his usual blank stare, tells them: "Y'ain't fough sh*te, dun' let tis honor get to ye heads. Tis is a reward for me and Banda Feccia, the mongrels I fought along with. They weren't half as well equipped, trained and paid as ye, yet they earned this. Ye will be expected more."

After his short speech - or scolding - Maccio follows Lindow at a close distance, whilst admiring his surroundings in awe. One would say he doesn't seem used to these kind of places...

"Tis ain't cheap..." - He mutters at some point during their walk.

2nd February

Summer Day - Meuse

Foxen Carmine

Before going to Evora, Foxen takes a horse and arrives at the Grey Palace. He seems sad but and invitation is an invitation. Sir Carmine approaches a guard at the entrance.

Please, tell the Shadow King that Sir Foxen Carmine is waiting for an audience.

Lindow Moonsun

The twilight of the day was approaching, Lindow looked at Maccio who was bowing before him. At that moment, a servant appeared carrying a sword, the Glowing Sabre of Little Ogre, a unique sabre that Lindow has wielded in countless battles.

Lindow took the sabre and said:

- Sir Maccio, your loyalty with Shadowdale is more than admirable, you have fought both in the south of the continent and in the northwest of it. Such a loyal noble should be rewarded. That's why Sir Maccio - Lindow poses his saber on Maccio's shoulders - I appoint you Lord of Akesh Temple - Lindow made a little silence and shouted - rise up as Lord Maccio of Akesh Temple! –

On the morning, Lindow was walking through the gardens of the Grey Palace with Daunae. It was an Almond Garden that surrounded a lake, in spring the place is became like a winter landscape because of the white flowers of the almond trees.

Lindow and Daunae were having a conversation when a servant stood in front of them.

- Your Highness, Sir Foxen has arrived and asks for a hearing -

- Gather him in the Throne Room -

- So we will, Majesty - And Lindow continued talking with Daunae.

After a while of that pleasant walk with Daunae, Lindow received a notice of the arrival of another guest. Sir Felipe had also requested an audience, so he was also gathered in the throne room.

The throne room was a rectangular black and white marble room with six black columns that extended from the doors to the royal throne. When you enter, to the left of the room were three large windows with beautifully decorated blue curtains, while on the right were beautiful canvases of past stories. The throne was a white marble structure carved in a complex but majestic way.

Sir Foxen and Sir Felipe were waiting there. The doors opened and a servant announced: - Your Majesty, the Shadow King Lindow Moonsun! - and Lindow entered the room, approached them, climbed the stairs to the throne and sat down.

He looked at both nobles and said: - Well, let's start -

Foxen Carmine

While Foxen was waiting at the entrance Sir Felipe arrived aparently for the same reason so both of them waited together. A couple of minutes later a servant conducted the knights to the throne room but Lindow wasn't there.

Waiting was not a problem, any person in the realm wouldn't say a thing. Some time later the king entered the room and walked to the throne.

Foxen bowed as the Shadow King passed him. Shame could be seen through the face of Sir Carmine.

Lindow Moonsun

- Sir Foxen and Sir Felipe, I have summoned you here to announce something. Don't be scared and rejoice, you are great warriors and Shadowdale is very proud to have you within his kingdom -

Lindow looked at both nobles - Sir Foxen and Sir Felipe, you have taken your units to faraway places on this continent, always following the Shadowdale banner. You have shown so much loyalty and courage for the kingdom that I am obliged, with pleasure, to reward you. For that reason, Sir Foxen, I granted you the Lordship of Al Amarah and, Sir Philip, I granted you the Lordship of Greatbridge-

Lindow made a silence and spoke again

-In addition, Sir Foxen, your forces have fought in many battles, being already frequent in the Shadow Legion. That is why it is my desire to grant the title of Prime to your unit-

Lindow looked at their faces, they had different expressions.

- These new titles are of great responsibility, you will have vassals and lands in your care, as well as the same obligations with the kingdom. I trust in your good job.-

Maccio Aurelle

Maccio stood up after the commendation ceremony, trying very hard to keep a straight face whilst his mouth was trying harder to make him grin, resulting in quite a funny expression.

"Aye, m'liegue! Th' westerners'll have a tougher nut to crack, now that I'll be guardin' it. Those mutts'll learn to be afeard of our walls and hide their maids anytime we set foot on their borders. I thank thee for tis position, and pledge to keep th' realm well defended."

The yound lord bows to and salutes his king once more, then waits for him to turn around, lest he be considered rude or unknowledgeable about proper etiquette - which he actually is.

3rd February

Summer Evening - Akesh Temple

Lindow Moonsun

Lindow was in his office, he was writing letters and reports after the arrival of new nobles to Shadowdale.

At that moment they knocked on the door.

- Your Highness - said a familiar voice behind the door.

- Go ahead - said Lindow.

He was the same servant who had been helping him receiving the guests these two days. He was an old man, in an elegant black suit.

- Tell me, Alfred -

- Majesty, the knight Sir Leonhard of Xeno has arrived and requests an audience. Should we gather him in the Throne Room? -

Lindow nodded and servant Alfred left the office.

When Leonhard arrived, the throne room had a grayish color as a result of the winter light coming through the windows, shortly after some servants lit the torches, giving a warmer color in the room.

After a while the doors opened and a servant announced the entry of Lindow.

- His Majesty, Shadow King Lindow Moonsun of Shadowdale, Grey Exarch of Shadowdale, Royal of Shadowdale, Duke of Shadow's Bluff, Margrave of Karbala and Marshal of the Shadow Legion -

And Lindow entered, headed for the throne and looked at Leonhard.

- Come closer, Sir Leonhard, and answer me ... what is your Motherland and why do you defend her? -

4th February

Summer Day - Viseu

Leonhard Of Xeno

Sir Leonard was approaching the King's throne somewhat nervous. He stays in the distance and kneels before him.

- My King, I fight for my homeland and my family. Shadowdale is the place where I was born and where I reside. Where I am wielding my sword against enemies who try something against Shadowlade. Because it is my homeland.

After speaking Leonhard this swallowed saliva and ducked his head waiting for Lindow's response.

Summer Evening - Al Amarah

Lindow Moonsun

Once Leonhard finished speaking, Lindow stood up, watched the young nobleman

- Indeed, there is nothing like the Motherland, your home -

Lindow stood very close to Leonhard

- I like what I see in you, young knight. I see loyalty, I've saw it both in these last two campaigns and now, that's why I have decided to appoint you Lord of Negev as well as the Prime military title for your unit. Rise up like Lord Leonhard of Negev! -

5th February

Summer Evening - Akesh Temple

Dawson Lawson

Dawson was growing annoyed at the guide by second day of traveling through the mountain passes of Evora. He was for sure that guide was in fact lost and was just leading him and his troops around until they would starve to death.

But as the sun was falling on the second day the path opened up and a massive citadel was seen on the horizon. The sight of it amazed Dawson. Being built into the side of the mountain like it was looked like it could be defended from anything that was thrown at it.

"There it is my'lord. I told you I would get you there." The guide flung his arms wide encompassing the fortress.

"thank you, you can head back to your village now we can manage from here." Dawson signaled for his captain to give the man his payment. They rode for a few more hours before passing through the gates into the outer walls. "captain see the men into some rooms. Im going to go find an inn with some nobles in it. I havent really gotten to meet anybody yet." The captain salutes and orders the troops off while Dawson continues to ride on towards the sounds of drinking and yelling.

6th February

Summer Evening -- Akesh Temple

Maccio Aurelle

The citadel is being hung with blazons and black, white and yellow garlands, all the while a herald traverses every main street announcing tomorrow's noticeably improvised festival or, rather, a mockery to Perdan in a very poor disguise.

Local minstrels, buffoons and fools are being hired and instructed about their performances, strawmen sewn, sticks straightened, wood collected and gathered in pyres, ready to be lit. Priests of The Shadow also make the most of this event, its notably political undertone helpful in winning over both the authorities and lowborns alike.

At the Aurellian Keep, every leader of the warbands currently lodged at Akesh has, at least, beep accomodated in a room. If they decide to stay or wander around is each individual's decision.

Maccio is currently... Deliberating important matters.

- "We ain't dead to have maggots wriggling 'round us."

- "Sir, that is a very profane insult to direct to other fellow nobles."

- "Tis' perfect then. Now, how 'bout "Came lookin' fer shadows to hide yer faces? There ain't any big and dark enough fer ya." That will sure hurt them."

- "Sir, once again, that is too pr..."

- "Can't tell ye women from ye horses! No wonder the stench, ye dicks must be rotten fer f*cking the latter. Won't blame ya, though."

- "Sir, proper etiquette dictates..."

- "Couldn't make ye uglier even if ye bashed ye heads agains our walls! Would even make ye prettier and smarter! After all, noone would see ya six inches under and, after ye get eaten by maggots, at least ye would have their brains."

The scribe sighs, rubs his eyes and writes everything down as Maccio keeps spouting an endless flood of taunts, slurs, affronts and curses.

8th February

Summer Evening - Meuse

Maccio Aurelle

The citadel was hustling and bustling, due to both the departure of many retinues and the prolongation of the festival.

Garlands and banners still hanging, fools and buffoons still mocking the realm's enemies with improvised performances and puppet shows, bonfires kept lit for strawmen to be burnt whilst children gather together to beat them up with sticks, and sermons still being given aloud by weary priests, all the while dozens and dozens of soldiers visit the shops for last minute repairs or purchases they wouldn't otherwise be able to make whilst on the field.

The men are rallied to the outskirts of Akesh for headcounts and organization, while some locals watch and cheer them up. They know they are their protection, and that many may never come back.

"Aite, how ye doin', lads? Why the long faces? Miss the brothels or the drinking, or ye wetting ye pants, now that we're leavin'?" - Maccio asks his men with a snarky grin, only to suddenly raise his tone and redden - "Well ye better be sorry, WE are goin' to WAR! It is your time to do sumthin' other than eatin' and chargin' me money! Now YOU will make it for ME! First, we wreck those Perdan mutts. Then, we sack, pillage loot and BURN EVERYTHING belongin' to them! If ye find gold, food or whatever, you hand it to me! An' we dun' make prisoners, they're too cumbersome. I want you to be light and movin' from town to village to hamlet to whatever sh*te comes in sight so we can keep lootin', rinse an' repeat, rinse an' repeat! Get it, lads!? You better f*cking do! Now, get ye asses movin'!"

10th February

Summer Evening - Meuse

Maccio Aurelle

Maccio sent our some soldiers to try and gather riches from the locals.

After a long and boring wait, the detachment returns to its lord.

"A'ight, whatcha got?"

"This, my lord..." - Hands two gold pieces to Maccio, who proceeds to laugh loudly.

"Hah! Ye pullin' my leg."


Both of them share a long and uncomfortable stare.

"A'ight, f*ck tis place. Ain't got sh*te. Hope the raidin' gets better..."

14th February

Summer Day - Mulhouse

Lindow Moonsun

"A hard siege," thought Lindow. He was riding on the streets of Partora, followed by his Grey Guard. The walls and some houses of Partora were damaged by the fire of siege weapons. When Lindow looked at the population, he was surprised to see that many did not lower their eyes and remained proud despite having the enemy in their city.

Lindow arrived at a square in an important area of ​​the city. He got off the horse and entered an inn. The bartender looked badly at his new clients and Lindow realized.

- Innkeeper, serve my men and me throughout the afternoon ... Do not stop the rounds of food and beer - said Lindow leaving 30 gold coins on the table.

The innkeeper picked them up and attended to his new clients.

15th February

Summer Day - Mulhouse

Lionel Kinsey

Lionel's troops could be seen moving east toward Meuse. Traveling with them were two donkey-pulled carts filled to the brim with various types of loot: bundles of dyed cloth, bags of spices, gold and silver plated candlesticks and dishware, a few paintings, and even some sort of exotic cat-like creature that Captain Wolfhart insisted would fetch a good price at the market.

The troops themselves each sported a few pieces of looted jewelry. They happily sang a marching song as they walked, knowing that they were moving back toward home.

Lionel himself, however, looked as gloomy and as inscrutable as ever. To his men, the carts filled with loot simply represented wealth, which they would each receive a small share of once they returned home. To Lionel, they represented the military potential that Perdan would regain when it retakes and repairs Mulhouse.

16th February

Summer Day - Meuse

Kiera Cavendish

Kiera sat puzzled for a moment.

"I had the wrong one strangled?"

"It seems so, m'lady. It seems it was the adventurer Blain who claimed his master would pay for him, not the one you spared."

"Oh," she answered. She was feeling better about the results of yesterday's massacre already. Reaching for a flagon of wine, she added, "Then strangle the other one, and send an apology for the mix up."

Luna Tempest

Luna had arrived safely with her remaining rangers at the stronghold of Akesh Temple. During the excursion into Perdan and Vix Tiramora Lady Tempest gained some much needed experience in battle. While taking heavy causalities in the Battle of Brive, Luna was able to direct her Tempest Rangers into avoiding any casualties during the Siege of Partora. During the subsequent retreat she was able to maneuver her forces out of reach of the pursuing army. Based on the letters Luna had been receiving some of her allies had been left stuck behind enemy lines, a notion filled her with dread. Leaving behind fellow nobles was a terrible, and it could have easily been her. Hopefully they will return safely, Luna thought to herself.

While resupplying in the stronghold it was evident that Lady Tempest would have to return home, to Karbala and recruit more men for the Tempest Rangers. While enlisting some local scouts and healers she noted that the Shadow King had not yet made it to Akesh. Luna would have preferred to give her report in person. Instead she would leave a lone ranger with a letter for the Shadow King informing her liege she would depart for Karbala, recruit more men and make haste back to Akesh Temple.

18th February

Summer Evening - Nascot

Luna Tempest

Luna’s story starts on the continent of Beluaterra during its seventh age. She was born into the Tempest family as the younger sibling to her elder sister Sol. Unlike her sister Luna was born with no discernible gifts in elemental magic. As result her parents never really cared for her, instead giving all the attention to the elder sister. Regardless she would still receive training in sword combat from the families Master-at-Arms, with the goal of being a spar partner for Sol. Despite her adversity she would become proficient with both short and long swords, even besting her elder sister often while sparring. Sol and Luna would remain on good terms, however would never form a strong sisterly bond.

Upon turning fifteen the situation was untenable for Luna. She would never be more than a pawn for her parents to further the family or Sol as well she would never gain prestige or honour living in her sister's shadow. Taking what she could carry, and little enough gold so that her parents would not pursue, Luna deserted her homeland and set sail for The East Continent. The new Lady Tempest would be in charge of her own destiny from here on out.

Luna found herself in the realm of Shadowdale upon arriving on The East Continent, with the ship docking at the Royal Port of the Twilight in Karbala. Having little knowledge of this new land, Lady Tempest would remain near Karbala for the next two years. Her passion of knowledge and history kept her anchored to the District of Letters with its renowned universities and libraries. Luna found herself doing research and scribe work for varying professors to make her way in this unbeknownst land. One professor would be so pleased with her research work he would provide Luna a room within the Grey University, making her work and studies more convenient. As time passed Lady Tempest would attend many lectures and seminars to expand her knowledge. History and cartography would become her greatest subjects, even assisting her professors prepare various lectures for other students.

Luna, now seventeen, was regarded by her professors as an excellent student and patron of The Grey University. She would submit a study to the Chancellor of the University on modern methods of cartography with the hopes of becoming a professor despite her young age. The Chancellor would however draw her to the attention of Shadow King, Lindow Moonsun. The Shadow King had heard varying things about the young noble who was working and studying at the university most notable that Lady Tempest was skilled with more than just a pen.

When the Chancellor arranged a meeting between Lindow Moonsun and Luna Tempest the Shadow King would call for her sword and her fealty. With a campaign rising in the south she would prove more useful as a knight than an academic. Despite Luna’s lack of experience in battle and leading she did not hesitate to answer his call. Lady Tempest could never refuse the man who had founded The Grey University, the only place she now regarded as home. She swore her allegiance in perpetuity to the Shadow King as her new liege. Lady Luna Tempest would be proclaimed a Dame of Karbala and a new recruit in the Shadow Legion. She would still call the University her home however no longer a student, but a Knight preparing for war.

Luna would take to Karbala to prepare for the coming campaign, visiting a renowned smith on Royal Street to outfit herself. With only a modest amount of gold she invested most in an brilliantly crafted long sword, leaving the remaining for some typical hardened leather armour. Lady Tempest would also recruit a small unit of archers promising them riches and glory in the coming campaign to solicit their aid. She would dub her new unit Tempest Rangers for their arrows that will unleash the fury of the tempest. With her new equipment and men Luna set out to rally in Akesh Temple and regroup with the rest of the Shadow Legion.

19th February

Summer Day - Nascot

Foxen Carmine

After the siege of Partora i was wounded but my decimated unit accomplished the objectives of the battle and wounded sir Durnik Sparhawk, Governor of Partora.

The retreat was a complet disaster, the army of Perdan reunited and marched with Vix Tiramora’s. Some nobles of our realm got trapped in the middle of the run and we had to take another path. It was a very time consuming and risky move but my four men and myself crossed the enemy lines, traveling by night and resting during the day. The original plan was to travel throught the isles but the realm couldn’t afford all that time. So the hellish journey started starting from Partora through Brive, Bescanon and Nascot, finally arriving to Akesh Temple, our territory. Upon arriving at the Akesh mountain range we were tired, hungry and with shattered equipment but our spirit remains firm.

To the men who perished in the battles of Bescanon and the siege of Partora, may the glory be with you.

Lindow Moonsun

Akesh Temple's trumpets sounded loud this morning.

- Your Highness, Lord Foxen has arrived - said a servant.

Lindow was in one of Aurellian Keep's rooms.

- Has he arrived? Bold warrior, what a feat -

Lindow looked out the window, the trumpets stopped sounding and there was silence.

- Go and tell Lord Foxen that he is invited to eat with me, I want to know his trip. -

Foxen Carmine

After changing his clothes, Sir Foxen is interrumpted by a servant with the Moonsun patch, he is a servant of the king. The Shadow King invites Foxen to eat. It has been one week without proper eating and Foxen was not going to reject an invitation.

-Tell the king i will be with him in fifteen minutes, let me get dressed properly.

After that, he dismissed the messenger and after dressing himself he went on his way and arrived to the mansion where the king stay. Lord Carmine enters the room following another servant and meets Lindow.

-My king, Foxen Carmine presents itself. Said while bowing.

Summer Evening - Nascot

Lindow Moonsun

It was getting dark, a reddish sky colored the meadows of Viseu and on them marched the Gray Guard and the Moon squad, in front of them were the figures of Lord Foxen and the Shadow King Lindow.


Lindow was in the dinning room of Aurellian Keep, sitting at a long beautifully carved wooden table, while Lord Foxen was on the other side of the table.

- Take a seat, M´lord - Lindow said with a hand gesture.

Foxen took a seat in front of Lindow and, immediately, a group of servants began to bring the food. Soon the table was full of dishes of all kinds: roasted pork, swan stuffed with chestnuts and mango; bowls with apples, pears, plums and blackberries; everything accompanied by wine or beer.

Lindow poured herself a little of everything, although he threw a good portion of stuffed swan. After the first bite, he looked at Foxen and said:

- Lord Foxen, I don't know how you have done it but I admire your feat, tell me... how was it to cross the enemy lines? -

Foxen Carmine

After he seated and poured a cup of wine and putted some food on his plate he drank and started talking.

- My feat has not been the greatest, much less. I have gone through the shadows leaving my dead behind. It still hurts, but that’s the war.

I was lucky, the only resistance I encountered was when leaving Partora and inside Brive. The enemy army was still preparing and they didn’t had time to bother for my unit.

Although the battle on the Bescanon River was a massacre, there weren’t enemy troops, just a desolate battlefield.

Foxen chops a piece of meat and eats it.

I am happy to cross over to our border and return to Karbala. But we can’t forget Lord Aurelle nor the disaster that has been this end of the campaign. If your majesty allows me I don’t think we got anything from this campaign.

He swallowed while the conversation entered in a couple of uncomfortable seconds.

Lindow Moonsun

Lindow waited a few seconds in silence, took the glass of wine and looked at Foxen

- Oh yes, I sent a letter to King Kay of Perdan about Lord Maccio, he said he will be released in three days, don't worry -

Then Lindow looked at his glass of wine and said

- The truth is that this lunch is splendid, it has everything, good company and good food and drink ... but what happens if I drop the glass? - Lindow dropped his glass on himself, staining the top of his elegant suit - puff ... I've stained ... what can I do? -

Lindow left the glass on the table and poured more wine

- Well, I just fill the glass again and continue with lunch - Lindow grabbed the glass and drank, then left the glass on the table - So after the lunch, what would you remember? the good company and good food and drink or that incident? - asked Lindow.

Foxen remained silent waiting the Lindow´s answer

- If you think about the incident you are giving importance to the only negative point of lunch, forgetting what you have really achieved: have a good time with good company and with good food and drink, that is, we have achieved a great battle in Brive, we have besieged the city of Partora, we have fostered fear in Vix and have caused Perdan to resume the peace talks that were paralyzed ... are you not seeing what we have achieved yet? -

20th February

Summer Day - Nascot

Foxen Carmine

Foxen remained silent while Lindow was teaching him a lesson. He opened his mouth to say something but preferred to shut up and let Lindow continue. “...are you not seeing what we have achived yet?”

Those words crashed in Carmine.

- I’m sorry for what I said before, you’re absolutely right. From now on I will not be so pessimistic. The truth is that If peace with Perdan is made there will be a time of tranquility perfect for rearmament and protect better the borders.-

He sipped from his glass.

- Thank you for this conversation and the invitation, the Carmine family is indebted to you and Shadowdale.

21st February

Summer Day - Nascot

Jerod Seraph

Jerod’s eyes narrowed as he looked out at the men before him. There was something... Strange about them. He could not quite put his finger on it. The men had weathered the crossing to the East well, and indeed better than he had. The looked a little more plump to be precise. But that was impossible. He was obviously on the same rations they were and he constantly found himself a bit hungry. Jerod’s gaze finally turned to Captain Lynx next to him and then back out in front of him. He then spoke to Lynx as if they were friends, yet while not looking the man in the face...

“ So, tell me Lynx... What was it you and your men used to do back at home before Father forced you into my personal service and across the sea?” Jerod said blandly forcing a lack of emotion to convey that his words were all facts not worth quibble.

The man, for his part, sounded a bit flustered as he replied. But the entire reason Jerod didn’t look him in the face was to let the man have whatever reaction he needed to without losing face.

“ We were..... rat men, Sir.”

Jerod’s eyes raised just a fraction even though he had steeled himself to hear much worse than this. He had half expected privy inspector.

Well, that explained how the men stayed so well fed at least. Jerod nodded softly to Lynx and then looked out over the men as he dragged a hand through his wavy brown hair and closed his matching eyes.

His father was trying to get him killed.

Summer Evening - Nascot

Lindow Moonsun

Lindow entered through the southern gate of Karbala, in the distance I could see the Palace district, while marching through the streets of the market district. The population approached the street where Lindow passed, welcoming their king. Lindow raised his hand with a warm greeting as he thought "Finally at home."

When he arrived at the Palace Square, he observed for a moment the golden obelisk, admiring the good work of the elves. He got off the horse and climbed the stairs to the Grey Palace.

Inside the palace, the chambelan welcomed Lindow and with a scroll he began to report what happened in his absence.

"... many people complain about high taxes, fortifications in Karbala are being damaged by wear and tear, the entire recruitment center has the maximum number of recruits ready and waiting, the population is growing two new births, production continues to prosper., the morale of the peasants is still cheerful, loyalty to their kingdom remains enthralled. " said the chambelan.

" Thanks for the report, chambelan. I come with many duties to do in Karbala. First and foremost, summon all the heralds to give them instructions to announce a new tournament in Karbala, and call the guild , and call the guild-masters again to count on their work in the tournament "said Lindow, and he went straight to his office.

22nd February

Summer Evening - Akesh Temple

Foxen Carmine

Foxen Carmine after returning from the war spent the week traveling between Karbala and Al Amarah keeping all in sharp. Yesterday he received a letter from the king, Lindow Moonsun announcing The Tournament of the Lance of Strength. It was a perfect moment to show the training of Lord Carmine. He was in. Grabbed a horse and marched again to Karbala.

After his arrival he sent the King a letter confirming his assistance and the sum of money to the Bank of Karbala. Later that day he was in the training fields fighting.

24th February

Summer Evening - Evora

Lindow Moonsun

It was a sunny afternoon in Karbala, the songs could be heard in the direction of the Palace Square, wherein the Tournament of the Lance of Strenght was about to begin. Many people in the city had gone to enjoy a fight between those great houses of the kingdom, those famous nobles from whom reports of their battles in foreign lands arrive.

Like the other time, there were food, beer, wine and mead stands around the square, leaving a circle of 25 meters in diameter in the center of the square to fight.

Lindow was walking through the Plaza, escorted by his Grey Guard. He liked to see the population enjoy with celebrations. In one of those stands he saw a beautiful damsel with silver hair and a beautiful sky blue dress looking at him smiling.

Lindow approached her, bowed to the lady and extended her hand. Daunae accepted his hand and they continued walking around the square together.

Lindow was surprised to see the tents with the heraldy of Carmine and Lawson.

"Where will Lord Leonhard and Lady Luna be?" he thought and then looked at his guard - Captain Rudgar, send one of your men to find out where Lord Leonhard and Lady Luna are -

- Yes, your highness - said the captain firmly.

After a while, that guard returned and informed to Lindow.

- So Lord Leonhard and Lady Luna are not in Karbala? How strange, but it was said that the tournament was here. - Lindow passed his hand over his head and said - well, there is no other choice, report to the herald and the participants that the first round is finished by abstention of Lord Leonhard and Lady Luna -

Luna Tempest

Two knights adorned with the colours of Karbala and his Majesty Shadow King Lindow Moonsun ride up to Lady Tempest. They hand over a sealed letter to which she hastily opens; Due to her absence she has forfeited her round in the Tournament of the Lance of Strength.

As the knights turn around to head back Luna thinks to herself; How could I have mismanaged my time so poorly. The Shadow King surely thinks me a fool. However my deepest regret is for my opponent. I should have been there, and I dishonour myself by not providing Ser Dawson a challenge.

Lady Luna calls up one of her men, “Margrave Aurelle has sent reports of the enemy nearby in Nascot, assemble the Tempest Rangers, we immediately depart for Akesh Temple.” she commands.

The ranger scampers off while Lady Tempest continues her thoughts; I must atone for my mistake to the Shadow King and once again prove my worth on the battlefield. I simply cannot fail him in the coming battles.

Dawson Lawson

Being relative new to the realm and not much experienced Dawson was not expecting to make it through the first round of the tournament but entered it to meet some of the other nobles and maybe make some friends in court. The squire was helping Dawson put on his armor when a messenger arrived from lady Luna. After reading it through Dawson nodded and told the scribe to write a reply back to the lady.

When the messenger was leaving the squire looked over. "should I continue sir?"

Dawson nodded, "yea Im sure they will sort this out and I will have a duel soon. In the meantime I will practice with the captain of my troops."

It wasnt very long until the new challenged was issues and Dawson was heading to the tournment grounds eager and nervous for his first duel. Hopeing not to make a fool of himself

25th February

Summer Day - Evora

Foxen Carmine

While he was resting before the match versus Sir Leonhard a messenger entered the room and delivered a letter saying that Sir Leonhard and Lady Tempest where eliminated from the tournament due to their absence.

It wasn’t really fair but he couldn’t do anything but hope they arrive to Akesh Temple in time. Before entering the arena, he told his captain to keep his unit prepared to depart to Akesh Temple as soon as possible.

The final round versus Sir Dawson Lawson, a newly arrived nobleman. Foxen hoped at least that Sir Lawson was a good fighter.

At the beginning of the combat, Lord Carmine saw the intentions of Dawson, try to beat me as soon as possible aggressively, but Carmine had the advantage and with a series of blows he made the opponent fall to the ground.

Raising his sword and then kneeling in front of the king’s box seat, he was crowned victorious in the tournament.

Dawson Lawson

Seeing as Foxen was a season fighter, dawson thought the best course of action was to try and be aggressive at the start and land some quick blows to knock him out of the fight. However Foxen read into his plan and quickly beat him back with just a few series of blows.

As Dawson was knocked down he got part way up and gave the duelist salute to Foxen as a sign of surrender and respect.

Lindow Moonsun

The population stood up to applaud the winner, many of them were happy for the winner while others were disappointed.

Lindow was sitting in the middle of the stand, near him were nobles of minor families fighting to have the king's favor. Also near Lindow were Daunae, dressed in a light pink dress.

Lindow rose from her seat and leaned against the railing.

- Amazing combat! You are worthy warriors of Shadowdale - Lindow said, then looked at Foxen and said - Congratulations Lord Foxen for his victory, as the winner of this tournament, I, Lindow Moonsun Shadow King of Shadowdale, give you the Lance of Strength as well as the title of Peer of Shadowdale ... - While Lindow was saying these words, Daunae handed the item to a servant who offered it to Foxen.

-... May good luck be with you - Lindow finished saying.

27th February

Summer Day -- Karbala

Jerod Seraph

Jerod looked out over the troops as he had them well into their third heavy training session in a row. The troops were getting better and better. Even if they were all rat catchers in their former lives, now they were soldiers.

Jerod intended to treat them like elite soldiers.

His father really did hate him then. In honesty this was no big surprise. Indeed, Jerod had always felt as if his father was subtlety trying to get him killed. Given how their bloodline had suffered because of his grandfathers love of their father’s younger twin brother, Jerod kind of knew that their dad would likely strongly favor Grahm. Perhaps to avoid the same fate, perhaps to settle his own father issues by making the “right” choice his father did not.

Jerod had been exiled to this realm for being the younger twin.

He had been given rat hunters as a personal guard.

He would defy his father... By living.

Summer Evening -- Karbala

Kiera Cavendish

"Why does he think we have enemies near our borders? We haven't seen a scouting report in ages, and that has been in messages for weeks, it seems. "