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5th February

Day -- Fontan

Lindow Moonsun

There were servants cleaning the hall of the throne. Soldiers of the Grey Guard holding the position in different places of the room, and a silence...a cold silence that make to remember all that we have lost instead of everything that we have won.

- This place is worse than a funeral- though Lindow sitting in the throne, watching the hall with a glass of wine in his hand.

In that moment, his high servant arrived.

- My Majesty, more letters from others foreign noblemen -

-Leave those letters in my living room, good Pinpon -

- As you say, my Majesty -

The high servant took the letters and went out the place.

The King was tired in that position, all the morning solving peasant problems is a hard work. He took his glass and started to walk around the hall.

Many pictures of the History of Shadowdale decorated the hall, pictures of Elder kings and pictures of battles.

-Is this your form of celebrating our victories, your highness?- said the captain Nina.

- What do you mean, captain?- claim Lindow seriously.

- no...well...jumm Your highness, I supposed that you were going to announce something for all the events that we have lived in this war-

Lindow kept in silence

- My Majesty, I beg your pardon, I speak too much, I am just here to report that the refitting of the Shadow Legion is going correctly -

- Although it is not proper your impetuous for a captain of the Grey Guard, I share your point of view...mmm we have won many things with loses and there were not any recognition...-

Lindow started walking, asking for Pinpon.

-Captain Nina, order your men to prepare their official uniforms-

And he walked to his living room, ordering paper and ink.

Christopher Stewart

On the road between Negev and Karbala, Christopher and his men marched. During the march to the capital, Christopher reflected on his somewhat short time in Shadowdale and the many battles he'd been involved in since his arrival in these wonderful lands. On this march, in particular, he was quite proud of his men. The fact that none of them had been killed, or even wounded, was a bit amazing in and of itself. They were but a small spoke in a large cog, with all of the allied nobles and armies. Christopher felt quite small, compared to the fellow nobles of Shadowdale. He was quiet and kept to himself, but followed orders to the best of his ability every time. Inexperience would fade, but was at the forefront of his thoughts now.

"Sir, we are nearing the capital" Captain Lupita​ said, basically waking Christopher from his thoughts. "Very well, Captain. Halt the men and allow them some time to gather themselves. I want Rain of Death to look the part of a victor when we reach the gates."

​"As you wish, m'lord".

6th January

Day -- Fontan

Report from Lindow Moonsun

His Majesty, the King Lindow Moonsun, invited you and your family to have dinner in the palace and celebrate our goals in the war.

Please, arrive at six o'clock.

In the Shadow,

The Grey Palace of Shadowdale.

Flavia Arindal

Flavia looked at the invitation from the King with some surprise. In her limited acquaintance with him, he had not struck her as the socializing type.

"It's been too long since I wore something besides armor," she mused as, with the help of a maidservant, she rummaged in a trunk for her court gowns and jewelry.

"Send a message to the Captain that he should get himself clean and polished so he can escort me there this evening. "

She found pen, ink, and vellum and wrote: Your Majesty, it will be my pleasure to attend your celebration. Thank you for the invitation. With respect and honour, Flavia.

Night -- Fontan

Lindow Moonsun

The sun was covered by the mountain ranges of the west and the sky of reddish colors crowned the beginning of the celebration. Many carriages of different beauty arrived at the Gray Palace. Noble and high bourgeois were invited to dinner at the palace.

The entrance of gray stone was adorned by the standards of the kingdom and protected by a dozen Gray Guards dressed in their uniforms of that color, there was a large blue-blue carpet pointing the way to the Great Hall.

At the beginning of the Great Hall there were several servants to collect the coats and other garments of the guests. A large white and gold curtain covered the entrance to the Hall, once a servant crossed he announced the arrival of each guest.

The Great Hall was well decorated, the result of a forced labor of the same servants ordered by their king. A large U-shaped table was in the center of the Hall, each seat with its name, with the nobles on the right and the bourgeois on the left of the King's seat while the Royal Council surrounded the posts near the King.

Both nobles and bourgeois were walking through the Hall, there were servants who brought wine and beer while still more guests came. Nobody seemed to want to sit at the table, seemed to wait for someone.

- His Majesty, Shadow King Lindow Moonsun, Royal of Shadowdale, Duke of Shadow's Bluff, Margrave of Karbala, Marshal of the Shadow Legion and Ruler of Circle of Fate -