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April 30th - Braga

"How is she Iraen?" Brigdha handed the reins of her charger to a half-dressed groom and slipped elegantly from her saddle. The messenger had found the Marchioness dining at the Honourable Order of Foresters, an ancient guild house where the magnates of the Braga lumber industry met to discuss business. Tonight had been a banquet to garner support for the war effort. One of many Lady Brigdha had held throughout Fontan since Westmoor resumed hostilities.

"Not good Ma'am. Milady's not left her tent since yesterday and refuses to let anyone attend her," there was a hint of despair in the chatelaine's voice. After the disappearance of Lady Moira it had been her squire Iraen who'd raised the young Dubhaine heiress.

"We'll then perhaps it's time my niece remembered her obligations. Tell Lady Rhidhana that her liege demands her immediate attendance, and that I shall not be taking no for an answer."

"Yes Ma'am," Iraen hurried to rouse her mistress.