Dubhaine Family/Brigdha/Roleplays/1019/May

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9th May

Summer Evening -- Evora

Sklaer Le Bras

Sir Sklaer very excited. Tournament so-so fun, but Sir Sklaer learn about horse-attacking. Yesterday Sir Sklaer decide from now, become great horse-attacker.

"From now, I become great horse-attacker!" he tell Captain Algytha.

Captain Algytha look doubtful. "I don't know" say Captain Algytha.

But Sir Sklaer sure. "Now we go our capital city..."


"Now we go Karbala, buy horses!"

They ride quietly.

"Only hope army still waiting Bescanon for us" Sir Sklaer say.

27th May

Summer Day -- Akesh Temple

Zenta Carson

Zenta walks into his tent and sees a strange bag he has not seen before.

"What is this?"

He proceeds to open it and sees a dozen letters with General Zenta's seal on them. They were addressed to the King of Perleone.


Zenta's scribe walks in, but then sees his master standing there and tries to leave however Zenta's captain cuts him off.

"Scribe!!!!! Explain this?! NOW!!!"


"You had best say something before I--"


Zenta stabs his scribe before he could even finish his statement.

"Captain, check all the servants. One managed to sneak into my unit I DO NOT want it happening again"

"Yes General, I shall begin immediately."

Then begins a thought in Zenta's mind.

"Perhaps this is not a bad thing. The King Perleone knows not who he was speaking to. I feel we could use this to our advantage."

29th May

Summer Day -- Evora

Sklaer Le Bras

Sir Sklaer singing:

"I be Sir Sklaer, and I be okay!

I sit in Bescanon all the day!"