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10th October

Summer Evening -- Viseu

Disturbance Abroad -- Bescanon

Bescanon's column of light turns a violet shade as the air grows moist and heavy. The ground trembles. Bescanon River reverses itself, flowing not from mountains to ocean, but from the ocean to up the mountains.

Agitated animals gather at the stones, circling them. The smallest of creatures, the ticks, are closest to the stones, with the largest of creatures, oxen, furthest from the stones, all circling together. In the skies, birds circle the column of light, again with the smallest avian closest to the light and the largest furthest from the light. Eerily, not one creature makes a sound as they silently circle either upon quaking ground or within moist, heavy air. With each passing minute, more and more animals join the circular parade on land or in sky.

Something distant in the aether was being disturbed.

11th October

Summer Day -- Bescanon

A Violet Migration, Part One

In Bescanon...

Beasts and birds silently circle through day and night, ever marching, ever flying, never squawking. Each day they grow more numerous. With the orbiting animals never stopping to eat or drink, priests pontificate on how these animals can sustain their energy without sustenance. The column of light continues to darken into a deep violet colour.

Then, without warning, the light-column splinters from top to bottom in four equidistant cracks, forming 4 sheets of light. Observers are perplexed to watch light crack. Someone looks up as far as they can peer into the skies and notices the top of the sheet of light gradually pulling away. As people watch on in curiousity, the light-sheet teeters precariously. And then, everyone is certain.

Up in the sky, the sheet of light has pulled away, in fact, someone else now yells that all four of light-sheets have pulled away from each other. Like string cheese being pulled apart into four pieces simultaneously, all four light-sheets have begun to separate and then, unable to hold themselves up, crash to the ground. It is now that any observers flee in panic.

Except Joe. He's about as quick as a tortoise walking across molasses. He keeps watching. It is only he who catches the light-sheets falling upon the birds, and then passing ... through ... them? He's puzzled, not having both oars in the water. But next he sees the eyes of a goose - an unearthly dark violet. And as the light passes through each bird, it breaks off from its avian orbit, flying with furious determination to Jarbosh knows where.

Due to how high into the sky the beam of light reaches, it's several more minutes until the four sheets crash upon the ground. In the meantime, oblivious to avian-light chaos overheard, the beasts circle on. Joe continues to watch, eyes widening, dazed in an overwhelming amount of stimuli and confusion. And then, closest to the portal stones, the sheet of light finally crashes to the ground, passing through the ticks (not that Joe could see them). And then the light disappeared into the ground? Being a few peas short of a casserole, he thought he'd go look closer, with the sheets of light still in the process of crashing to the ground.

As with the birds above, as the light-sheet passes through each animal, the creature forgets its circling ways and immediately beelines for elsewhere with an unsettling amount of determination. Thus do many insects first depart upon their tasks, having been closest to the stones. Their eyes much too small for Joe to notice, but if he could, an unearthly dark violet.

While Joe is passing by the orbiting oxen and the sheet of light is passing through the bodies of small mammals in the distance, he notices that now the raccoons too possess unearthly dark violet eyes. He decides he wants big purple eyes too, so he plops down and takes a seat. Alas, unlike the birds and beasts he has observed, as the light passes through him he is incinerated, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes.

Joe is dead.

A Violet Migration, Part Two

With the light dissolving into the ground, each bird and beast now possesses a pair of hellish violet irises and a good deal of fervor and conviction. Descending on regions throughout East Continent, the violet-eyed birds seek out adventurers holding portal stones, while the beasts seek out regions filled with magic.

  • Hummingbirds attack Daunae, Hawk, Cassandra, and Gerhard.
  • Wrens attack Max, Fu Manchu, Valour, and Nethan Fourhearth.
  • Chickadees attack Othello, Arnaud, Graxen, and Luccas.
  • Finches attack Adarn, Talisa, Alyssa, and Elyas.
  • Robins attack Jean, Sheena, Belkis, and Etain.
  • Magpies attack Molly, Cookie, Oss, and Adelaide.
  • Orioles attack Moonshine, Ramza, Eleanor, and Elermos.
  • Doves attack Veronika, Vignette, Drislow, and Norchack.
  • Larks attack Deltur, Mickey, Ursos, and Michaela.
  • Kookaburras attack Harker, Drogamir, Jebediah, and Verlinda.

The birds lightly wound them and steal their stones.

  • Ducks attack Alanna, Wyatt, and Dieter.
  • Toucans attack Durang, Kanchelsis, and Thorin.
  • Owls attack Random, Alvira, and Nyisanak.
  • Boobies attack Mug, Avuton Aatu, and Severin.
  • Pigeons attack Ed, Krelianne, and Millicent.
  • Parrots attack Dasehra, Hans, and Charlotte.
  • Pelicans attack Lorgis and Tristan.
  • Geese attack Donall and Wutro.

The avians wound them and steal their stones.

  • Falcons attack Yanni, James, and Folka.
  • Hawks attack Onky D'a, Brack, and Kothan.

The birds seriously wound them and steal their stones.

  • Albatrosses attack Ingomar and Merec Merritson, leaving them critically wounded and stoneless.
  • Vultures attack Tel, Norma II and Darrious.
  • Eagles attack Sevean, Kaylee and Arwen Undomiel.

They are left critically wounded, fatigued, and stoneless.

From the most magical region of Oligarch to the least magical regions of Partora and Kalmar, concerning reports arrive. Locals are being mauled by all manner of creatures from ticks to oxen; some claim to be mauled by monsters glowing with purple eyes. Scores and hundreds die in each region from these maulings. Other reports note an increase in monster and undead activity in the region relative to the local magic in the region.

Only the non-magical regions of Nascot, Troyes, Slimbar, Pucallpa, Aix, Lundel, Bastad, and Wasteland are unscathed. But when its all over, all regions have been drained of their local magic and not one portal stone exists upon East Continent.

PS: There's more! In Meuse, Rhiannon Archival discovers the Cursed Shield of Truth sitting on her bed when she goes to sleep. In Zamor, Orcim Aksala follows the bleating of a lost goat and when the goat is found, so too is the Radiating Staff of Little Ogre.