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August 18th, 1017 -- Day -- Braga

Letter from Brigdha Dubhaine

message to all nobles of Shadowdale

Garas once more reigns in First Oligarch.

He was allegedly a brilliant general in his youth, feted by Sirion's greatest families as their golden boy, though in truth a shadow of those who clashed in the Great Northern War.

The Elven Council gave him the Duchy of Oligarch against my vote, though I made the case that it was too much power for one so young and yet untested in a major war. He repaid their munificence with betrayal, taking the greatest fortress of the north and making it a bastion for Perdan's cause.

Sirion is a madening ally, ever slow to action and always more concerned with her own borders than what happens beyond. On a good day they look at Shadowdale and see one of the Duchies of Southern Sirion, the ill-conceived patchwork of outer bastions which replaced Fontan after Sirion foolishly tried to wean Westmoor from Perdan's camp and through inaction condemned my niece Rhidhana and Chancellor Basilius to their heroic but futile end.

Hand-wringing over defending a former ally turned enemy turned ally again is typical of Sirion's Council, a body I was a member of for several years as Speaker of the Senate.

But for all the depth of her faults, Sirion is not a malicious realm. She doesn't make war for sport as Caligus once did, nor is she looking to control the Continent as does Perdan. She looks inward because hers is a unique birthright, the only land in all the known realms where an Elven people yet remain unfallen.

If we succumb to the honeyed poison of the south we gain little but risk losing much. Not land, nor gold, but the very souls which give our shadows life.

Facies forgive me, I stand with the damn Elves.

Brigdha Dubhaine

Dame of Karbala

Priestess of The Shadows